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2022 Point Guard Sees Fit in College Park

Maryland found success out of Bishop O'Connell in their last pursuit of a point guard in Melo Trimble and now the Terps are involved with 2022 point guard Paul Lewis.

2022 Bishop O’Connell (VA) point guard Paul Lewis saw his recruitment expand since the end of his sophomore season but since then, he’s taken advantage of the added time during quarantine to round out his game. Lewis built off his time with DC Premier this summer as he’s confident going into his junior season.

“I’m feeling good. I feel like I’ve gotten better through it all, I think it helped me honestly,” Lewis told All Terrapins. “I was able to strengthen some of my weak spot and still being able to play AAU, feel like that put me at an advantage because some people weren’t able to play at all.” The 6-foot-3 guard added he is up to 170 pounds as the time in the weight room helped him make the jump, but the added attention he’s received on the trail hasn’t changed his daily routine.

“It really doesn’t change anything. I’ve always had the same mentality like I’m always confident in my game and how I play but there’s always work to be done. The main thing was getting bigger and more athletic. I was small and skinny last year and that was a weak spot but I think I’ve gotten a lot stronger.” His focus to his craft has led to his laser focus to his goal for the upcoming year. “Definitely to get a WCAC championship. If we have a season I want a WCAC and state championship.”

Maryland had a standout point guard out of Lewis’ high school when guard Melo Trimble shined for three seasons in College Park. Assistant Deandre Haynes has led his recruitment and a visit for Maryland’s season-ending win over Michigan go clinch a share of the Big Ten gave him a chance to see how he fits.

“Coach Haynes keeps in contact with me pretty well. I like the coaching staff a lot.” The reliance on the point guard in Turgeon’s offense catches his eye. “I think it does. They’ve mentioned Anthony Cowan a lot when we got on a Zoom call, mentioned Cowan, Ayala and Melo Trimble a lot. Being able to see that, I can see myself playing the same way as they do.”

Prior to Maryland, Lewis took in a trip to Virginia Tech and remembers one key aspect of his unofficial. “They had a good fan base, a lot of people there even though it wasn’t a big game. That was the first thing I noticed.”

Lewis is up to seven offers as Georgetown became the latest school back in July as he enjoys the early phase of recruiting. “Schools are telling me more about how I fit in, not as much about the school but how I’d fit with their team and how they play.” A full evaluation of each school will help him gauge his interest in his suitors down the stretch.

“It’s a little bit of everything. I want to go to a school with good academics and a good student body. It’s not all basketball to me because I’m still going to school.”

But recruiting hasn’t been a stressful process for Lewis, so far a byproduct of his dedication in the gym. His focus remains right there as he hopes to guide Bishop O’Connell through a gauntlet of a WCAC.

“For me, I never felt I need to prove myself. I’ve just cared about winning even the little things, if it’s a game in class I want to win it as much as a game. I just want to prove as a team we’re good enough to win a WCAC championship.”