Maryland Dips Into Hawaii for Recent Offer

James Campbell (Hi.) wide receiver Titus Mokiao-Atimalala becomes the latest to add an offer.
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The addition of Alabama quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa gave the Terps not only more clarity at the quarterback position for the next three years, but the transfer amplified the Terps’ recruiting momentum as the staff turns to building the offense. It’s a big reason why James Campbell (Hi.) wide receiver Titus Mokiao-Atimalala became the latest receiver to add an offer after the 6-foot-1, 173-pound athlete hopped on a Zoom call with the staff last weekend.

“I’ve just recently been in touch with them. They wanted to set up a Zoom call for this past Sunday to hop on and talk with the staff, and that’s when they offered,” Mokiao-Atimalala told All Terrapins. The two sides have maintained contact since and will look to reconnect as soon as tomorrow.

“I’ve talked with [head] coach [Mike] Locksley, offensive coordinator [Scottie] Montgomery and [wide receiver] coach [Joker] Phillips. They’re very interested and they love that I play both sides of the ball, but they know what I can do on offense and they like that I’m not afraid to make a play. We’re getting into detail on Friday or this weekend. We’re going to hop on Zoom again to go over the offense, scheme and how they want to use me. I have my cousin Taulia [Tagovailoa], we already have that connection since we’ve played together, too.”

The connection to College Park with his cousin, Tagovailoa, now with the program gives Mokiao-Atimalala a sense of trust with a newer program in his recruitment. Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon and UCLA are the four with most consistent contact, according to the dynamic athlete, but Maryland has since developed into a formidable factor in the race.

“[Tagovailoa] texted me to say congrats and told me it’s the move. Because he’s going to be throwing it, he knows that I’m going to get the ball. It helps because my parents know that I’ll be comfortable there and I’ll be well taken care of by the family and coaches, but I’m just going through the process to make sure.”

Mokiao-Atimalala will meet with the Bruins this weekend as well.

“They’ve all been keeping up with virtual tours and keeping in touch, but I haven’t been able to visit any. I have a UCLA meeting on Sunday, but I just talk to the coaches all the time.”

Meanwhile, the NCAA announced on Wednesday that the dead period has been extended to July 31 which will largely prevent visits from occurring this summer. That’s provides Mokiao-Atimalala with notable pause as he has yet to venture to any of his suitors, while he added the idea of using all five officials is possible.

“I want to take my visits. I’m excited to learn about these schools and see what they have to offer. Enjoying the process, taking my time. See what every school has to offer not just in football, but in school because I want to go into the business school.”

Mokiao-Atimalala has no timetable for a decision.