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Former Miami Hurricanes Greats Wearing Colorado Gear For Coach Prime, Too Much?

Several Hurricanes greats have been putting on Colorado Buffaloes gear in recent weeks
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Deion Sanders, a former Florida State Seminole, is creating a buzz around his Colorado Buffaloes that some have compared to Jimmy Johnson's 1980's Miami Hurricanes. 

Coach Prime even has former Canes greats backing him publicly. Very publicly. 

In recent weeks, Miami legends Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp have been hanging around the Buffaloes sidelines wearing Colorado gear. 

Sapp has even been offered a future spot on Deion's coaching staff.

Last Saturday, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (yeah, he played football at Miami in the 90's) put on a Colorado jersey for his guest pick on ESPN's College Gameday.

To be fair to Johnson, he's been a major donor to Miami's football program and shows plenty of love to The U on the regular. I would never question his loyalty to the Hurricanes. 

But, is putting on Colorado gear a step too far?

Miami Hurricanes great and current GM of Football Operations thinks so:

I agree with Mr. Highsmith. Former Hurricanes have always been known for their fraternity and public support for their alma mater. Canes greats wearing Canes gear is good for recruiting. Seeing them publicly do it for the Buffaloes is likely to help Colorado's recruiting at the expense of Miami's. Deion already has some history with poaching Miami commits. is your home for all things Miami Hurricanes football, recruiting, basketball and other athletics, all the time. Follow along on social media at @AllHurricanes on Twitter and All Hurricanes on Facebook for round-the-clock news and analysis.