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Miami Hurricanes' End of Season Stock Report

The final whistle has blown on Miami's season and now it's time to see where all the Hurricanes stand heading into 2023.

The Miami Hurricanes closed out the 2022 season in a somewhat predictably disappointing fashion. With a chance to find at least some semblance of redemption against Pitt in the regular season finale, the Canes watched their season's sixth win and bowl eligibility deteriorate before their very eyes.

In truth, it wasn't much of a game as Pitt jumped out to a 28-0 first-half lead. The Panthers rode roughshod over Miami, crushing the Canes 42-16, and now it seems change could be on the horizon at The U. 

That isn't exactly shocking, considering the way the year unfolded, but Miami's on the verge of a full-scale overhaul for the second year in a row, which is troubling to say the least. 

Here's a look at where some of the Hurricanes stand after the final regular season game of 2022.


2023 Recruiting Class

Typically, winning attracts recruits and losing drives them away. It's a simple equation.

However, for the nation's top prospects, matriculating to a losing program isn't all bad news. It means there's a legitimate opportunity to play early, and at Miami, there are a lot of roster holes to be filled. Given head coach Mario Cristobal's willingness to play freshmen, these Canes commits should be licking their chops.

There's really not a single position that's set in stone going into 2023, and the transfer portal may open up even more chances for the incoming youngsters. It'll be Cristobal's first true class and they're going to get plenty of opportunities to make an impact on the field.


Miami Coaching Staff

Cristobal may not be on the way out, but it would behoove him to re-assess his coaching staff after a disastrous debut season as head coach. Whether there's a coordinator shakeup or at least an influx of new assistants, it is clear that the Hurricanes' coaching staff is in need of some changes prior to spring ball. 

It's just not possible to justify spending all that money, bringing in a whole new regime, and then losing two more games than the season before. There are growing pains, and then there's what happened this season. 

Who knows? Perhaps Cristobal isn't Miami's savior after all. Whether he is complacent or willing to make changes for the betterment of the program will be telling.

QB Tyler Van Dyke

Of all the ways this season could have unfolded for Van Dyke, this seemed like one of the less likely scenarios before it began. He finished the season with ten touchdowns and five interceptions, essentially losing his starting role to the backup brigade by year's end. Some of that has to do with his shoulder injury, but I don't think anyone's got him penciled in as a surefire NFL draft pick anymore (or next season's starter for that matter). 

Already, fans are scrambling to urge Cristobal and company to pluck another passer from the portal, but that may be a tad hasty. Miami has Van Dyke, and two intriguing backups in Jacurri Brown and Jake Garcia, plus class of 2023 snap-taker Emory Williams committed. They may not be set at QB, but it's worth evaluating what they have first before they abandon ship and overhaul. Again. is your home for all things Miami Hurricanes football, recruiting, basketball and other athletics, all the time. Follow along on social media at @AllHurricanes on Twitter and All Hurricanes on Facebook for round-the-clock news and analysis.