Bodycam Video Of Zavier Simpson On Night Of Crash Made Public

Brandon Brown

Senior point guard and captain Zavier Simpson was in the headlines in late-January for a peculiar interaction with the police following a car accident. 

In the early morning hours of January 26, Simpson was at the scene of a car accident and was questioned by police. Simpson told the police that his name was "Jeff Jackson Simpson" and that he was just walking by the accident and recognized his friend's car. The police immediately recognized Simpson and began to question him further about why he lied and what actually happened.

Of course it turned out that his friend was Evan Manuel, son of Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel. About a week later, it also came out that Simpson was the driver, which makes the whole interaction look pretty bad.

Simpson broke curfew by being out at 3 am and ultimately missed just one game due to a violation of team rules. Simpson did receive a traffic citation but no other punishments were applied for lying to the police about his identity and role in the accident

What's your take on the video? Do you think Simpson should've been punished more than he was? Comment below!!!

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"Jeff Jackson Simpson" what was he thinking?

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I'll be glad when he's gone......