Make A Choice: Joshua Christopher Or Isaiah Todd

Brandon Brown

As I continue to think of these different scenarios, I'm hopeful that they aren't going to result in any negative feedback. So with that in mind, don't let this turn into bashing the one that you don't choose.

And luckily, Michigan fans might actually get to enjoy both Joshua Christopher and Isaiah Todd in Ann Arbor next year. But, if you could only choose one of them, which one would you pick?

Christopher hasn't committed to anyone yet, but the strong belief is that he's going to pick the Wolverines. In him, Michigan would be getting a 6-6, 215-pounder who looks more like a junior in college in terms of how he's built and how he plays. He's got a great handle, can really fill it up and can finish at the rim with attitude and finesse.

Todd is committed to Michigan, but has been flirting with the idea of playing overseas for a year rather than in Ann Arbor. At 6-10, 195 pounds, he's obviously much lankier than Christopher but can also do it all on the court on both ends. He's more of a defensive presence because of his length, but on offense he has the skill set of a guard. He handles it very well for someone his size and can step out and knock down the three as well. What he's most known for is playing high above the rim and finishing around the basket, but there's really nothing he can't do.

We still don't know the futures of Isaiah Livers and Franz Wagner, but most expect both to return. For the sake of this argument let's say they're both coming back next year. With the roster that Michigan has, who do you think is more valuable to next year's team?

My Pick

I'm going with Todd.

His skill set at 6-10 is simply rare for a high school player and translates extremely well to the college level. Not that Christopher's talents don't, I just really like the idea of someone as tall as Todd doing what he does. If he were to enroll at Michigan I think he's an automatic starter at the 4-spot giving U-M an extremely versatile and talented lineup:

1 - Eli Brooks or a graduate transfer point guard
2 - Franz Wagner
3 - Isaiah Livers
4 - Isaiah Todd
5 - Hunter Dickinson

Because of the size, length and versatility of that group, Michigan could be a scary, scary team next year. If you also throw in Christopher, watch out.

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This is just too perfect. All the delicate readers that were offended by this decent article - and now look at reality: Michigan loses on BOTH Todd and Christopher! 😂 Anyone know what our last 5-star was in BB?


Ridiculous premise to pose for fans and counter-productive for the school in their efforts of attracting either/both of those players. I'm sure if Juwan Howard saw this article, he'd scold you and rightfully so. In the future, pass your silly ideas by someone with some common sense before you write another article like this.
My pick, is for Brandon Brown not to write any more articles that pose absurd hypotheticals.

Over It
Over It

Christopher... NCAA bball is a guard's league. Dominant guards will win titles for you. Don't get me wrong, Todd would be great, but I think the fact that he wants to be 1 & done and that bigs tend to develop more slowly than guards I'd take Christopher for 1 year over Todd for 1 year.


Not really sure if this article is benefiting the Michigan sports community. Recruits can easily see this article and it criticizes young kids and portrays our sports community as being overly critical. It will also deter recruits from coming to Michigan when they see fans constantly comparing and being critical.


I still think Christopher would fill a position of need better. But how about both...


I'd take Josh, but Todd is fantastic. Unfortunately, Isaiah is heading over seas almost certainly. Almost no chance he comes to UM as of now.