Cole Bajema To Transfer To Washington

Brandon Brown

Late last night, former Michigan wing Cole Bajema announced that he'll be transferring to Washington.

The 6-7, 175-pounder played just 37 minutes over the course of 10 games during his one year at Michigan and scored 26 total points. He showed that he had some handles, a pull-up game and deep range. However, there just weren't any minutes for him.

As a John Beilein commit who recommitted to the program when Juwan Howard took the job, he felt a little like an odd man out from the beginning. After spending a year in Ann Arbor without seeing the floor and realizing how Howard was going to recruit, he obviously decided to look for a better opportunity.

Bajema's family hails from Lynden, Wash., which is only about an hour and a half from the University of Washington. That's a very manageable trip for the entire family compared to what it takes to get from the west coast to Ann Arbor.

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Bajema's older sister, Kara, is an All-American volleyball player at UW, which is pretty convenient as well.

Cole's dad, Shane, is from Michigan and Cole himself lived in Grand Haven from the time he was two years old until he was six. That made the original commitment to Michigan seem reasonable, but when the coaching change happened and then he didn't play at all as a freshman, it seemed like he could eventually look to enroll elsewhere. Washington always made the most sense and that's exactly how it played out.

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He has to sit out a year, can bulk up and find his rhythm.
Hope Washington plays Michigan and lights it up in 2021/2022


Ultimately, he got homesick and didn't have what it takes to play for Michigan. Moving home to a lesser program was probably a good move.