The Five Most Interesting Things Juwan Howard Said: Dec. 23, 2020

As usual, Juwan Howard fielded questions like a champion during his press conference.
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After being away from the media for more than a week, Juwan Howard returned to the mic in typical fashion. 

Howard is great to talk to in this setting because he just gets it. He knows how to praise his guys while critiquing them at the same time and he's also not afraid to praise other players, teams or coaches either. He has no problem telling stories or sharing experiences from his past but does so in a way that's not self promoting. He'll identify weaknesses and talk about shortcomings but manages to deliver it in a manner that can't possibly rub anyone the wrong way. He's just really good at fielding questions.

On Wednesday afternoon, just a couple of days before Christmas and Michigan's game against Nebraska, Howard spoke about Franz Wagner as a sophomore, the treacherous Big Ten, how his team is approaching a Christmas Day game and the unbelievable culture he's built at Michigan.