Is There Any Stopping Hunter Dickinson?

Michigan's big freshman has been able to handle everything thrown at him so far.
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Michigan freshman big man Hunter Dickinson hasn't faced the cream of the crop in the conference yet but so far he's been dominant. It hasn't mattered if he was by far the biggest player on the court like against some MAC schools or if he was double teamed by other Big Ten players like last night against Nebraska, he's gotten the job done.

Dickinson is averaging 15.3 points and 8.4 rebounds per game and seems to be ready for every type of situation. Last night against Nebraska, Dickinson faced double-team after double-team and handled himself very well. He did turn it over five times, but he also found his teammates open and racked up several hockey assists by getting the ball moving with the Huskers out of position.

Even though his numbers are great, it's not really about that for Dickinson. It's about how comfortable he looks and how poised he already is just seven games into his college career. Head coach Juwan Howard praises Dickinson often and Dickinson himself seems to understand how good he's been while remaining humble and deflecting praise onto his teammates. 

At 7-1, Dickinson is usually going to be the biggest player on the court, but his ego might be the smallest. He's been a sponge when it comes to taking advice from Austin Davis and he has praised Howard for bringing him along. Just seven games into his Michigan career, he's blossomed into a star, and the scary thing is, he's only going to get better.