Mike Smith Praises Juwan Howard

As a graduate transfer, Mike Smith had to find the right fit — he's found it at Michigan.
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Graduate transfer Mike Smith has been around college basketball for a long time and has played a lot of minutes. He was option No. 1 at Columbia before bringing his talents to Ann Arbor and averaged more than 20 points as a Lion. He's obviously a bright young man, on and off the court, so when he speaks, it carries weight. When you listen to him discuss Juwan Howard as a coach, leader and molder of young men, it really hits home. It's been outlined here many times — Juwan Howard has done a masterful job creating a culture at Michigan. 

Smith is playing right around 30 minutes per game and is averaging 8.7 points and 5.2 assists per contest. He's making right decision after right decision, setting up his teammates and knocking down the three at an amazing 70% clip in Big Ten play. He has been a perfect fit at the point guard spot and has bought in just like everyone else. It's definitely a testament to the guys wearing the jerseys, but Howard has done a fantastic job orchestrating all of it.