Michigan Basketball Still Undefeated, Among Nation's Elite

Michigan absolutely smacked No. 9 Wisconsin on national television last night putting the entire country on alert.
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A big win over Northwestern made people look.

An even bigger win over Minnesota got people's attention.

An absolute drubbing of Wisconsin got people talking — a lot.

Okay, so technically the win over Wisconsin was by 23 versus the 25-point win over Minnesota, but a 43-6 run that resulted in a 69-29 gap at one point against the Badgers showed everyone that Michigan is for real.

ESPN's broadcast team of Dan Dakich and Dave Flemming almost couldn't believe what they were seeing. They talked about the elite tier of teams within college basketball, which previously contained just Gonzaga and Baylor, and for some Iowa, now containing Michigan as well.

The game was obviously on ESPN so it made sense for the worldwide leader to hype up the action on its network.

Obviously Tim McCormick played at Michigan, but his statement isn't hyperbole.

Brendan Quinn of The Athletic has become one of the more trusted people on the hoops beat and he echoed something I said last night. We just don't see performances like that from Wisconsin.

The official March Madness account certainly seems to think it'll see a lot of the Wolverines when the time comes.

Renowned college hoops reporter Seth Davis agrees with Dakich on the "tier argument".

It might pain Michigan State alum Justin Rose to say it, but he's absolutely right, and he's seen a lot of good basketball over the years working for WXYZ Detroit.

And finally, bracket expert Joe Lunardi now has the Wolverines as a 1-seed.

Michigan's win over the Badgers last night made history. The Wolverines became the first team in COLLEGE BASKETBALL HISTORY to beat three ranked opponents in a row by at least 19 points. To say that U-M is rolling is an understatement.