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Juwan Howard Loses Cool In Madison

After another bad loss, Michigan head basketball coach Juwan Howard let his emotions get the best of him.

It was an ugly scene in Madison today and I'm not talking about Michigan's shooting performance.

Michigan was down big late against Wisconsin when Badgers head coach Greg Gard called a timeout. Juwan Howard took exception, told his players to foul and put one of the Badgers on the free throw line. The game ended and all hell broke loose.

Howard tried to ghost Gard in the handshake line and Gard took it personal. He grabbed Howard's arm, which sent Howard over the edge. There was jawing back and forth, a Wisconsin assistant got involved by putting his hands on Terrance Williams II and Howard proceeded to hit the Wisconsin assistant in the head.

What Gard did by calling the timeout was low, Howard responded by fouling and that should've been the end of it. Jaw it out a little bit in the handshake line and get on the plane and go home. Howard is an emotional guy and today his emotions got the best of him. I've never seen a major college coach hit another coach on the floor after the game. I'm not sure exactly what will happen to Howard, but it's not going to be good for him or Michigan. 

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