Athletes and coaches across all levels of sports are stepping up after the recent killing of George Floyd, which has sparked a global discussion on racial inequality in the United States.

Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard released a statement earlier today expressing his thoughts on what's going on around the country and the world. As an African-American man with children, specifically teenage sons, Howard's words really carry some weight.

"As a country, we must do better. As a nation of diverse people, we must stand strong. As a black community, we must rise up and let our voices be heard. However, we must do so peacefully.

"Looting, vandalism and destruction only creates more pain. It hurts the cause instead of letting it blossom.

"Witnessing murders of unarmed black men has been gut wrenching. Knowing my very own sons are at risk is a fear Jenine and I live with every day.

"Focus...unite...speak out...grow...don't let up in this fight. Remember, we need to do this together...all of one.

"We must leave this world better four our children. We have united for the COVID-19 fight, which has taken so many lives. We can unite for this...we must...we can defeat racism."

Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25 when the officer pressed his knee against Floyd's neck for more than nine minutes, suffocating him. Despite pleas from an unarmed Floyd that he couldn't breathe, the officer remained in that position even after Floyd became unresponsive.

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh put out a response to his son Jay's thoughtful and deep reflection of the current state of the country.

Former Michigan athletes and people of power across the country are taking a stand and speaking out against the injustice, trying to evoke change.

Charles Woodson has been retweeting prominent takes and opinions over the last five days. Jalen Rose delivered this powerful message just a few days ago.

Tom Brady posted this simple yet to-the-point artwork on his Instagram account.


And finally, U-M president Mark Schlissel tweeted out a short message, linked to a longer message, that gave his take on the ongoing situation and also provided several links to resources around U-M.

"I have watched & read in horror as recent acts of violence & racism have struck our nation & surrounding community. [Michigan] was founded on the belief that we can make the world better. I hope you will join me in condemning these acts & bringing about change."