Michigan Basketball Chatter: John Beilein's Future At Michigan


Speaking to multiple athletic department officials, the consensus was they saw no path for John Beilein to return to Michigan when he and the Cleveland Cavaliers part ways, which could be as early today The Athletic is reporting. 

"This isn't a sour grapes thing, it's a reality thing - where would we stash him?" an official asked, rhetorically. "Everyone from the top on down is really happy with Juwan Howard and his staff, and the direction this program is moving. 

"John is beloved here by so many, and even though he left in a way that came as a little bit of a surprise, there is no grudge, no hard feelings. He's welcome back here anytime he wants, just not in an official capacity. Not right now. 

"Could it happen someday? Maybe, but in a coaching capacity? Not unless Juwan hires him to be an assistant coach. This is Juwan's program now. He has complete confidence from our administration and we're all very excited about the program's future. 

"He's already showing he can recruit at an elite level. He's an outstanding ambassador of the program. Everybody that comes into contact with him adores him ... fellow coaches, our student-athletes across the sports spectrum, our students. He is such an impressive person, and he's growing every day as a coach. 

"He's already beaten three future Hall of Famers in his first year [North Carolina's Roy Williams, Gonzaga's Mark Few and Michigan State's Tom Izzo] and we truly feel that this new era of Michigan basketball is going to be one of the best we've ever had."

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Steve Deace
Steve Deace


Sadly, this is going to go down as one of the worst and most reactionary career moves in basketball coaching history. And the money factor is irrelevant. He was already a multi-millionaire.