Video: Juwan Howard Continues To Compliment Freshman Franz Wagner

Brandon Brown

Freshman Franz Wagner isn't your typical 6-9 player and Juwan Howard knows it. 

For starters, he's actually 6-9, not just listed that way, and he's a true guard. He handles the ball, shoots from the outside and thinks about the game like a guard, which is rare for someone with his length. 

He has an unusually high IQ for such a young player. He routinely finds the open spot on the floor, taps rebounds to open teammates, beats his man to the spot on defense and plays smart defense from the help side. He's been called for a few fouls and hasn't shot the ball particularly well yet, but you can see it starting to come together.

Howard was once an elite recruit, played around some of the most famous college basketball players of all time and shared the NBA floor with legends of the game for nearly two decades — the dude knows basketball. When he says that Wagner is going to be one of the best players to ever player at Michigan, I tend to trust his judgement. Howard stood by that statement again and heaped even more praise onto the lanky freshman all just five games into the young Wolverine's career.

How do you see Wagner's season going? What about his career at Michigan? Comment below!!!