Video: Juwan Howard Explains What Makes Wisconsin A Tough Matchup


Michigan has won seven of its last eight games and seems to be peaking at the right time with the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments right around the corner. Wisconsin is riding a four-game winning streak of its own and would definitely love to come into Ann Arbor tomorrow night and put a dent in Michigan's momentum. 

Head coach Juwan Howard has been studying Wisconsin closely and has identified several reasons why the Badgers have beaten Ohio State, Nebraska, Rutgers and Purdue over the last 17 days. All of those wins were in Madison except for Nebraska, but the Badgers are pesky and can really shoot it. Howard spoke on three-point defense and more when it comes to slowing down the Badgers. 

What have you seen from Wisconsin that makes you nervous? How do you think Michigan will do against their shooting? Comment below!!!

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Over It
Over It

UM has been great at running teams off of the 3 pt line. I like how we match up vs. Wisconsin.

Steve Deace
Steve Deace


They don't mind playing dirty?