Who Wouldn't Want To Play For Juwan Howard?

Brandon Brown

I really sound like a broken record but Juwan Howard has won another press conference. 

I feel OK talking about it because he's also winning basketball games. If Michigan had continued to lose games like it did in January, praising Howard for being genuine during pressers wouldn't be as accepted, but that's not what's happening.

Instead, Howard has Michigan peaking at the right time and he is also endearing himself to his players, the media and the entire Michigan fanbase every time he opens his mouth. Earlier today, he did so by talking about handing out donuts on The Diag, explaining his plans to check out as many other sports as he can and by shouting out Serena Williams.

Get this dude in a living room with a stud high school hooper and his family, and it's a wrap.

What has surprised you most about Juwan Howard in year one? Is he better at recruiting than you thought he would be? Comment below!!!

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He's the whole, real deal!

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Steve Deace
Steve Deace


He's better at recruiting SOONER than I thought he would be. I had no idea going into this he had as many contacts in that world as he did.