The Latest On Jim Harbaugh: Jan. 4, 2021

The future of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh remains up in the air.

When it comes to Jim Harbaugh and his future at Michigan, there have been so many different reports. I started talking about the timeline of Harbaugh's extension or exit back in early-November. Since then, dates have come and gone, contracts have been drawn up, rejected and rehashed, depending on who you believe and somehow, here we are — still wondering.

After reaching out to more than 25 people today to try and figure something out, here's what I know:

1. Jim Harbaugh is exploring his NFL options

This is a fact. With the help of Michael Spath and Justin Roh from the Stadium and Main podcast, I outlined this last week. Harbaugh would like to return to the NFL and the window to do so is now open with Bloody Monday upon us. I was already confident about that information and then over the last couple of days, more trustworthy reports came out with the exact same information. 

Since then, the New York Jets have fired Adam Gase and the Los Angeles Chargers fired Anthony Lynn. Both teams have been described as having interest in Harbaugh, but so far nothing official has materialized. Of course, if nothing does materialize, then Harbaugh obviously can't return to the league. That would mean he'll be back at Michigan for the 2021 season. I can assure you that his team is fully aware of the entire situation and know that it's not the most reassuring situation to be a part of.

2. There is no meeting tomorrow

Wolverine Digest sought to confirm a report over at The Wolverine that Jim Harbaugh was meeting with the coaching staff on Tuesday, but according to sources close to the program, we were told no such meeting is scheduled. The sources, who would definitely need to be aware of a staff meeting taking place, flat out said that there isn't one. Could they be lying to me? It's possible, but I wouldn't bet on that. There's also no way that they wouldn't know about a meeting if it were happening.

3. Jim Harbaugh has been quiet

Some of those same reports have said that Harbaugh has been communicating to anyone and everyone that he intends to be back next year. I've heard quite the opposite. I'm sure he's been talking to some people here and there, but there are a lot of people who should be in the loop that haven't heard one word from Harbaugh since the season ended. That's also a fact. I'm not saying Harbaugh hasn't told people he's coming back, but I am saying he's not openly communicating it to everyone who should definitely be informed.

4. Some who matter want Jim Harbaugh back

This is also a fact. A large part of the fanbase wants him out, but they don't get to make any decisions and aren't involved in that process, thankfully. There are some who do matter and who do provide value to the program who want Harbaugh to be retained. Not only are some in favor of bringing Harbaugh back, they're passionate about it. I'll have more on that later today.

5. A final decision hasn't been made

This is crystal clear for those who have been following objectively. If you want Harbaugh gone, you're in the majority, especially after all this. If you want Harbaugh retained, I don't share the same opinion, but that's your prerogative. Despite all the information I've gleaned over the past several weeks, I'm still not sure who is going to get their wish. Until all NFL jobs have been filled, Harbaugh leaving is a possibility. Sources have said that Harbaugh won't leave for just any NFL vacancy, but once there aren't any, that'll be that.