Here's Exactly What's Happening With Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh's future with Michigan is in his hands.
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Every passing day seems to add another layer to the Jim Harbaugh saga. We've heard that he's leaving. We've heard that he's returning. And as it turns out, both of those options are very real at this point.

Earlier this week, Chris Balas of reported that Harbaugh's extension is done. That doesn't mean it's been signed or that Harbaugh will definitely be back, but an extension is on paper. Taking it a step further, the fellas over at The Stadium and Main Podcast are certain that the ball is in Harbaugh's court. 

According to two sources extremely close to Harbaugh and his family circle, a decision hasn't been made and won't until all options are on the table.

"If you're on Harbaugh extension watch, do not expect an announcement until every NFL opportunity has been exhausted. Jim's preferred outcome is leaving U-M and signing with an NFL team. Re-committing to Michigan is a fallback. Athletic Director Warde Manuel knows this and know that everything Harbaugh is doing for Michigan in 2021 and beyond is contingent upon his potential NFL future. Harbaugh's new contract/extension can be officially signed and announced at any time but will not until Jim knows for sure there will not be the right job in the NFL.”

Based on where this information came from, I believe it 100% and have been saying so for a while. If both Harbaugh and Manuel wanted an extension to be signed, it would be signed. Period. The fact that it hasn't happened means one thing — other options are being explored.