Michigan State AD Bill Beekman: 'Too Many Unknowns'

McLain Moberg

There won't be any Big Ten football this year, but Michigan State athletic director Bill Beekman is hopeful they will "be able to play our fall sports later in the academic year."

"I think it's possible to be disappointed and still understand the logic of the decision," said Beekman as he referenced the cancelation of multiple sports within the conference.

"Based on medical advice that the Big Ten received from its infectious disease working group and its sports medicine working group – there were really just too many unknowns to proceed with the season."

Beekman added he felt the presidents made "a wise decision" to postpone the college football season.

However, the Spartan athletic director is very aware of what sports the department is going to miss out on the most.

"We have two sports that generate revenue: football and men's basketball. So, if we have the ability to play sports that generate revenue, we absolutely will. I'm very hopeful that we will play football in the spring," Beekman said.

Although, he said there are "open questions" as to when the college basketball season will start.

As of now, it sounds as if not starting on time is an option, per Beekman.

"I am hopeful and optimistic that we will find a path forward," said Michigan State's athletic director.

MSU hasn't made any final decisions about sports outside of the ones that generate significant revenue but understands there are issues from a health/wellness standpoint and financial implications.

"In some cases, we are in a little bit of a wait-and-see mode. We are encouraging our athletes here on campus to continue working out. I think that's in their best interest."

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