Michigan State's Tom Izzo's History is Upstanding, But His Sights Are on Another Ring

Michigan State men's basketball is in search of another championship under Coach Tom Izzo.
Michigan State coach Tom Izzo points during the first half against Florida in the NCAA tournament
Michigan State coach Tom Izzo points during the first half against Florida in the NCAA tournament / Eric Seals / USA TODAY NETWORK

Michigan State men's basketball is a big deal in the college football world, thanks to Coach Tom Izzo. He's been running the show since 1995 and has made the Spartans a dominant team.

Michigan State defeated the Florida Gators to win the national title under Izzo in 2000. With players like Mateen Cleaves, Morris Peterson and Charlie Bell, the Spartans were unstoppable. A young Izzo's coaching skills were on full display as he led the team to its first title since 1979.

Then, in 2009, lightning struck again. This time, the Spartans faced off against the North Carolina Tar Heels in the championship game. Led by stars like Kalin Lucas and Draymond Green, the Spartans battled hard but came up short, losing the championship game 89-72. Izzo's leadership was key in guiding the team through tough matchups and ultimately making it to the title fight. 

But Izzo isn't satisfied with just one championship. Nope, he's hungry for more. Every season, Izzo pushes his players to their limits, preaching the importance of hard work and dedication. He wants to keep the winning tradition alive and give fans something to cheer about.

For Izzo, winning another championship isn't just about adding to his trophy case. It's about honoring the legacy of Michigan State men's basketball and all the players and coaches who came before. It's about bringing pride to the Spartan community and showing the world what they are made of.

And most importantly, it's about the thrill of competition and the joy of winning together as a team.

As the Spartans gear up for another season, one thing's for sure: they are aiming for the top. With Izzo leading the charge, they will keep fighting until they bring home another championship. So, Izzo and the Spartans need to hit the ground running and run the whole league this year.

Last year, they were ranked fourth in the nation in the Associated Press' preseason poll. Michigan State finished the season unranked and way below the expectations. This year, it will look to reverse that and finish way above expectations.

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Jack Lintner