Dumars may want to sign Webber, but he can't!

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Please forgive me Spartan Nation but I must take a moment and talk about the possibility of Chris Webber becoming a Piston.

When I first started getting email about this I was sure that it was from some folks that simply had drank to many adult beverages. I generally consider Joe Dumars one of the best GM’s in pro sports. I quickly had to discard the talk as fan babble. Well it isn’t. Now members of the media are diving on the grenade and talking about it being a good move? Are you serious?

Southeast Michigan is a UM bastion and do you think those people are going to embrace him wearing the blue and red? We give a lot of chiding to the Wolverines on this site in a healthy rivalry way but there is not one Wolverine fan who has a good taste in their mouth from this guy.

On top of that if your not a UM fan you lean to the MSU way here in Michigan and I can tell you for sure that his signing would go over about as good as a guy wearing a blue and gold tutu and streaking across the Breslin singing the UM fight song. NOT!Â

Now we all can agree that Glen Rice in his prime would have been a great addition to the Pistons, so it isn’t a “we hate and Wolverine campaign.” It is however a "we can’t stand Webber, for any reason campaign." He personally represents everything that is wrong with sports. His signing would be a slap in the face of the fans. The Pistons are on autopilot. They forget that they are a regional team. Bringing in Webber would be nothing short of a slap in the face of their mostly Michigan fan base, and it would reek of arrogance.

That said I can’t see Joe Dumars making that move. He is one of the classiest men in sports and isn’t a man that makes arrogant moves. That said I never thought Gretzky would get traded either.

As a life long fan and more importantly a person that covers the Pistons, a signing of Webber would show me that the Pistons have no clue. I just can’t think that Dumars is that disconnected. I sure hope I am right.