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2009 Spartan Nation Mock Draft 1.0

Four of my friends who are NFL scouts (or personnel people) agreed to give me their mock drafts. They represent four different teams. I first put their list up about the top twenty players and the top three at all non-special team positions. This list is their MOCK DRAFTS based upon whom they think each team will take. Not mine. I was shocked that three of the four didn’t have the Bill drafting an OT until the 2nd round, but this is their MOCK not mine. In case you are wondering three of the four felt that the Bills would be able to get Britton or Beatty with the #42 (10th pick of the 2nd round) or by moving up slightly.
I will keep each of their identities confidential as you can imagine that their respective teams wouldn’t appreciate their participation in this endeavor I didn’t have them make their team’s pick and I didn’t add comments on their teams pick as that may reveal their identity. In case of a tie, I add a fifth persons list.Â

This list is not the order that I think they will be drafted, it is simply four men who get paid to do this for a living and who they think. I also had them add the first pick of the second round because it is the Lions and the vast amount of my readers are Lions fans. Here it is:





  1. Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford QB Georgia Scouts Take: “Stafford may very well be a great QB. The problem with selecting him #1 overall is the reason the Lions have struggled for so long. They have had too many busts high in the draft. There is absolutely no excuse for the Lions who have had a bevy of high picks to be so terrible and this is why. When you pick a Jr. QB (Jr. QB’s have an 80% bust rate) you are gambling. The Lions can’t afford to gamble, but all indications are that they will. Could be a great pick, odds say he won’t be, and you don’t gamble when there are still guys on the board that aren’t gambles.”
  2. St Louis Rams Jason Smith T Baylor Scouts Take: “Smith has all of the tools and the most upside of any of the prospects. He is strong, smart and is void of any off-field issues that could hinder a team with such a high pick. The Rams should rejoice that he dropped. They just selected the next Orlando Pace.”
  3. Kansas City Chiefs Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest Scouts Take: “Curry is a football player. He can play any of the LB spots in a 3-4 or a 4-3. He has character and a love for the game. This would be a great pick for the Chiefs and will help Scott (Pioli) rebuild the Chiefs.”
  4. Seattle Seahawks Eugene Monroe T Virginia Scouts Take: “They liked Sanchez, but true star OT’s are difficult to come by and Monroe is way to good to pass on. If Sanchez drops they could trade and move back up, but Monroe will be the pick here.”
  5. Cleveland Browns Brian Orakpo DE/LB Texas Scouts Take: “Orakpo is a great athlete who is very fast. Will he take to the coaching of the NFL that he didn’t get at Texas or will he be like a Shaun Rogers and even Roy Williams who have all the talent, but aren’t the most coachable? We think his motor is great and in interviews comes off as very teachable and hungry.”
  6. Cincinnati Bengals Andre Smith OT Alabama Scouts Take: “This young man is the most talented player in the draft. Without the off field issues that plague him he would CLEARLY be the best player in the draft. Similar to the Lions, this is why the Bengals are the Bengals. With all the attention to off field issues that the commissioner is looking at, they would take a young man with off field issues. Should fit in with the Bengals.” 
  7. Oakland Raiders Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech Scouts Take: “Al Davis love of big time WR’s is legendary and he can’t stop salivating that Crabtree fell to him here. He has all the tools. Reminds us a lot of Calvin Johnson. Some questions about size, but the tapes don’t lie and there isn’t another receiver in this class that is in his.”
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri Scouts Take: “The Jags have been shopping this pick to anyone that would listen, but are having no takers for a pick that costs this much. Not as talented as Crabtree, but he is an incredible athlete and has talent. Where as Crabtree will go anywhere to catch a football, he can hear the footsteps over the middle. That one attribute separates him from being good and great like Crabtree.”
  9. Green Bay Packers B.J. Raji DT Boston College Scouts Take: “He is a big mass of humanity. Can he play with a high motor all the time? This is a high risk high reward guy.”
  10. San Francisco Forty Niners Mark Sanchez QB USC Scouts Take: “We think Sanchez in the best in the draft at the QB spot, but we have the same evaluation of him as Stafford. The difference? Still spending millions on a gamble, but millions less than the Lions.”
  11. Buffalo Bills Robert Ayers DE Tennessee Scouts take: “We are hearing that they love Pettigrew, but they need to address DE first and they may wait to 28th or the second round for OT. It will be hard for them to pass on a high quality DE for a TE, no matter how good. This is a kid who’s out of season workouts and play impressed us and moved him up the board. He hasn’t played a lot of football, and he is raw. He can play the game of football and totally took responsibility for some off-field and maturity issues early in his career. His interviews and checking him out really helped as he has a proven track record of setting himself right.”
  12. Denver Broncos Tyson Jackson DE LSU Scouts Take: “He is the best rush defender of any of them, but struggles with the rush. He is brutal at the point of attack and strong, so he can grow into more. His rush skills alone warrant him this high, but he is somewhat of a project.”
  13. Washington Redskins Michael Oher OT MississippiScouts Take: “Another OT with great skills. Some concern off of the field until you really look at him and do your research. He has all the talents and skills and is a well developed young man. The only issue is the depth of his desire to play and get better. If he can stay motivated, he could be the steal of the draft falling to 13.”
  14. New Orleans Saints Chris “Beanie” Wells RB Ohio State Scouts Take: “The Saints are not as pleased with what Bush has done and are in love with Wells attack style running ability.”
  15. Houston Texans Brian Cushing OLB USC Scouts Take: “Great instincts, motor, and plays heads up. Great at the point of attack and is able to shed blockers well. He is almost too much of a muscle builder and it affects his movements. Some concern off-field, but will be a good pro football player.”
  16. San Diego Chargers Malcolm Jenkins DB Ohio State Scouts Take: “This is a tough one. I am very confident that they are trying to trade out, but you said to evaluate based upon no trades. So…they like Moreno, but need a S and they will take Malcolm Jenkins who is the best S prospect in the draft on our board.”
  17. New York Jets Josh Freeman QB Kansas State Scouts Take: ”The three QB’s were all close in our book. All could be great, but risky high in the first. Freeman is another that could be great, but they are still going to spend millions on a gamble.”
  18. Denver Broncos Peria Jerry DT Mississippi Scouts Take: Scouts Take: “Can puncture the line, create turmoil and move in all directions well. He is married with kids and has his head on straight. Not a physical specimen so will have to adapt to that part of the NFL. If he were a committed gym rat with the physique of some others he would be a top five guy. He isn’t, but seems to be willing to do so. In the NFL he won’t be able to automatically overpower and out-speed guys so that is the only issues with his game.” 
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Aaron Maybin DE PSU Scouts Take: “The only negative on this kid is his size. He loves the game of football and all aspects including working out and practice. His speed is what separates him. He will flourish in an NFL strength and conditioning system.”
  20. Detroit Lions Everette Brown DE Florida State Scouts Take: “Super character, super athlete and speed. Hasn’t played a lot of football at DE, but is explosive and can flat out rush the QB. Not as advanced as Ayers, but three years in they will be mirror images of each other. Brown will be much better than Redding and could do it sooner rather than later.”
  21. Philadelphia Eagles Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia Scouts Take: “The Eagles got a LT and now a feature back that doesn’t have to do it all as a rookie. Moreno is a solid player with great skills and a good fit with the birds.”
  22. Minnesota Vikings Percy Harvin WR/KR/PR FloridaScouts Take: “He is a rare athlete who can catch, do kickoffs and punt returns. He has speed that simply can’t be overlooked and has good hands. He is a risk and we have some concerns away from the field. With that said this is the NFL and we have a tendency to overlook some issues with that much talent. Some at least, just maybe not us.”
  23. New England Patriots Rey Maualuga MLB USCScouts Take: “The rich get richer. There will be shock that he fell to them and joy that they got themselves another dominant LB for the second year in a row in the draft. Dominate player when he wants to be. He can also take off plays and that hurts him in being rated any higher. He has such a high motor that at times gets overzealous and will miss plays by over pursuing. Great raw talent and is a good locker room guy. Off-field concerns for us however.”
  24. Atlanta Falcons Clay Matthews OLB USC Scouts Take: “The Falcons could also use Pettigrew, but they have to address the OLB need and Matthews fits them and their scheme perfectly.”
  25. Miami Dolphins Kenny Britt WR Rutgers Scouts Take: “The fish have to get the ball down the field and even though Pettigrew will make them think twice, they have to get a WR like Britt and Parcells is one of the most patient and disciplined drafters in the league.”
  26. Baltimore Ravens Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland Scouts Take: The Ravens have a desperate need for weapons to help their young QB. DHB is the fastest receiver in the draft and he will stretch the field and force defenses from constantly stacking the box.”
  27. Indianapolis Colts Evander “Ziggy” Hood DT Missouri Scouts Take: “Polian is one of the best in the NFL for a reason. He will take a DL that can help a Colt defense that always needs help.”
  28. Buffalo Bills Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma StateScouts Take: “If the is happens, there will be NO happier war room than the Bills. This youngster is nothing short of a stud. We haven’t looked at a TE this high in sometime. He has all of the tools to be one of the greatest with an upside that matches Smith at OT. We have even looked at ways to move up. He is a star who loves the game and practice. We looked hard at his off-field demeanor and are convinced he is a great kid. I think the will address the OT situation in the second round. If Pettigrew doesn’t fall they will address OT with this pick.”
  29. New York Giants Hakeem Nicks WR UNC Scouts Take: “Eli gets himself a weapon here. They have targeted Britt and Nicks and would be thrilled for one of them to drop.”
  30. Tennessee Titans Vontae Davis CB Illinois Scouts Take: “He has some off field issues, but is raw talent had him as a top half pick and they have taken risks before on talented CB’s who have some issues.”
  31. Arizona Cardinals Donald Brown RB UCONN Scouts Take: “This is what we think THEY will do. He offers a lot of versatility and brings some true dynamics to the table. They have a very good offense and they should go D, but look for Brown.”
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers Max Unger C/OL Oregon Scouts Take: “We love this kid. High motor, loves the game, no crap kind of kid that fits the Steelers mold.”
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Second Round

33. Detroit Lions James Laurinaitis MLB Ohio State Scouts Take: “Plays a lot like another OSU MLB that made a lot of people in Detroit proud in Chris Spielman. He is a solid football player that over achieves, and has zero off field issues. Brings a tough presence in the middle that the Lions desperately need.”                                     Â