Answering Your Emails and Comments!

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Answering Some of Your Email After Last Week’s Questions and Answers Article…

You people had a lot to say about last weeks question and answer MSU Football article. In case you missed it, CLICK HERE TO READ so you can understand these emails and my responses.

Hondo, you are nothing if not a larger-than-life person. How could you possibly let your true feelings rule and congratulate any young person for choosing another school when MSU wanted him/her? The average fan does not come to sports blogs to read opinion based on inside information. If you can't clean up your act and tell us only happy-face stories then I'm going to take my reading minutes elsewhere. Hey Hondo, after reading some of the "comments" in your last question and answer article I thought you might need a laugh. Tim San Diego

Thanks Tim. It did make me laugh. I got hammered pretty hard last time. I always get a few, but it was well over 50% last week that were loaded with vitriol.


Hondo, The article you wrote regarding "Your Football Emails" contains 3 emails from some serious boneheads. I am sure you get these all the time and were just tired and at a weak moment when you decided to include them in your column...but it was a bad idea and you should edit them out of Spartan Nation ASAP. The language in these emails was clearly vulgar and hateful. Two perspectives you do not endorse. I have always considered your work "family friendly". I don't want my kids or grandkids to read that garbage and I do encourage them to read your stuff. They probably had their egos fed by you including their nastiness in your column. Your Spartan brother, Sam

Sam, thanks for your thoughts. I totally disagree with you. It wasn’t a weak moment. In fact, I was feeling pretty good. I edited out spelling the actual words, but I would offer this thought to you. In our PC world we edit and clean everything. Sometimes people don’t ever get to see how the sausage is made. I think it is important for people either to see how some react or maybe how they look in print. I agree that I don’t want my kids to make a diet of last week (and I certainly do not think Spartan Nation does that), but I also think we want them to know the real world. When we fail to present to people reality, they fail to grasp it. Sports are so small in the big picture of life, but it is a brilliant microcosm. Our world has so much going on in it and so many people miss it as they pass by. I certainly will not make every column dictated to by the ignorant, but I will also not pretend all the mail I get is positive. Both approaches are disingenuous. Last week the overwhelming amount of mail was hate and I believe that I accurately portrayed that.


Hondo, you are still a pig, but thanks for publishing the negative. I have a small and I mean tiny bit of respect for you for doing that. Collin

Well, thank you Collin. I learned from Mrs. Roth, my 4th grade teacher, that you are what you eat. I have consumed my fair share of that glorious food bacon so I take that as an affirmation that Mrs. Roth is as smart as I think and thought she was. If you send me your address I would love to send you a coupon for a free Cottage Inn Bacon Pizza. HMMM…YUMMY!


Hondo I was listening to sports radio the other day and they reported on the nations #1 basketball recruit’s decision to go to Kansas. Then they read tweets he received from disappointed fans of schools he didn't choose. They were just awful! Then to read the emails you received for wishing someone good luck, makes me sad. I love what you do and don't change! I look forward to more great Spartan coverage! Dan Moss

Thanks, Dan. I love what I do and it is because of people just like you that I get to do it. We live in a world with many cowards. I chose the hate mail that I did last week for only one reason: they put their names on it. I don’t agree, I wouldn’t have done it that way, but they put their names on it. In today’s internet age we have so many people with message board anonymity courage. Because they don’t have to be accountable, they don’t feel responsible.


Hondo, Thank you for the Q&A article. Sorry people are actually making personal comments about your weight and intelligence because you wished Marshall well. Your responses were humorous though. Scott Lehr

Thanks, Scott. No need to be sorry. When you choose a life that entails being a public figure that comes with the territory. I am more than prepared for it. In fact, it doesn’t bother me.


Hondo, I'm not sure why you post up all the emails that insult and attack you personally but I know the majority of your audience (including myself) really appreciates your work. Ryan McDowell

Thanks, Ryan and I realize that. I think it is important that both groups are presented. I hope people do enjoy it and the growth of Spartan Nation certainly bears that out. Thanks for the kind words.


Hondo, I have written you several times and never actually made your question and answer articles. I always get a response if my question isn’t answered in the article and I do thank you for that. I was just wondering, do you answer the hate mail? Craig in Ovid

First, sorry you never made the article so here you go. Second, I answer all email that doesn’t get answered in the article if they put their name on it. I will tell you a funny story from last week. A person sent me a rather impassioned hate mail. It was one in which harm was if not promised, certainly implied. They did it from their work email address. Unsure if the person’s threat (it included a reference to my family) was sincere or not and since they didn’t bother to put a name so I could contact them, I was forced to contact said company. I have never done that before and I have got a lot of hate email from people’s work email accounts, but the company appreciated me passing that on. I was assured the threat was not one to be concerned about again.

Hondo, I read some of those letters last week who were very vile to you and it made me want to cry. I am unsure how you can remain positive. How would you describe your personality for being able to handle that? Wanda

Happy, Happy, Happy! I wonder how many of you will get that reference.


Thanks everybody!