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         On Sunday night the sporting world lost an icon. Not in the form of an athlete that changed the game, or visionary who changed the world; but a stadium that was host to more than just a ball game. From Popes to Yankees and just about everywhere in between, Yankee Stadium has hosted some of the most memorable events in sports and American history. So naturally I couldn’t help but think, which other hallowed halls in the sports world could hold the same grandeur as “the house that Ruth built?”  Madison Square Garden: an introduction is not needed. But a list of its astonishing events might impress you even more. First of all this encompasses a series of stadiums and remains one of the few arenas the made the change from one building to the next seamless. The Knicks, Rangers, numerous political conventions, the original Barnum and Bailey Circus, and the “Cinderella Man” fight between Max Beer and James Braddock have seen its workings and experienced the magic.Boston Garden: Would the NBA be what it is today without “The Gahden". Host of 29 NBA Finals and the first NBA All-Star Game, Boston was home to a true sports dynasty.  While sports made it famous, concerts made it popular. The legends of music at one time or another made it home. The likes of Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and James Brown entertained music lovers from around the world.   

Fenway Park and Wrigley Field: Sharing the honor of two oldest Major League Baseball stadiums, these stadiums have stood the test of time and the always intense pressure to build more elaborate and extravagant facilities. Both parks solidify the respective areas, and are an experience in and of themselves.

Chicago Stadium:  Although the building has come and gone, its memories will live on forever. Dubbed “Madhouse on Madison” it was one of the loudest arenas in sports. Athletes like Jordan, Hull, and Esposito called it home, and excited millions.  While the facility has since been demolished, echoes still reverberate the United Center each time the Chicago Blackhawks take the ice for the National Anthem.

The Los Angeles Coliseum: It’s the only stadium in the world with the distinction of having hosted two Olympic Games. Along with Super Bowls, World Series and Evil Knievel’s world famous stunts, the stadiums résumé speaks for itself.

Ultimately these facilities are just structures, but the events and the people there who bring them alive. While times have changed, and new structures must be knocked down, built and rebuilt, the atmospheres have stayed the same. Although not all stadiums have witnessed the same amount of historic events worldwide, the enthusiasm and emotion can be witnessed in every corner of the earth. From small town football games, to college campuses to continent watched soccer games, stadiums house the events and make it possible for participants to make it special.  

Which stadiums in sports do you think equal the above mentioned. Were there any that were missed, or should be excluded? Click here for the Phalanx Message Board to share your opinions.               Â


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