Weekly NFL Column 12/03/09 Edition

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Weekly NFL Column


Photo Courtesy of Axel Hoyer

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  • Broncos’ WR Brandon Marshall will not be traded this year obviously. He won’t be back next year. When the Broncos started out on fire he mellowed, but that hasn’t continued to be the case. The Broncos won this battle and have garnered a lot of kudos around the league, but his time is done. The real question is how many teams will want him (cough…cough…Chicago) and ignore his actions in Denver?
  • Speaking of gone, don’t forget Reggie Bush. With what some have said is OVER an $8 million dollar club option, the economics of pro football say no way. Forget what he has done in the community (and not done on the field), but essentially a second string talent can’t make that money.
  • When I said before the season that I predicted the Vikings to be a potential play off team without Favre, “But if he comes back they shoot to the top of the list,” I sure took a lot of grief. Just saying…
  • Before I pat myself on the back, I totally blew my call on the Saints. 
  • Any doubt that Peyton Manning is the league MVP? I love Brett, but this one isn’t close. Brett has a lot better players around him, but Manning has a lot of harder workers that follow his lead.
  • With the GM of the Seahawks expected to announce that he is “leaving” that post, is there any doubt that Holmgren will be back in a Parcells type roll? I heard yesterday from a member of an AFC teams’ management staff that he thinks it is a “No brainer” that Gruden will be the head coach. They are great friend and know each other well.
  • Watching LaDainian Tomlinson play in another team’s uniform next season will be a reminder of one of the two bad things a cap brings. It doesn’t make allowances for veterans like LT while rookies get paid huge money for essentially having done nothing or little. I understand the dynamics of the 2010 cap situation and that the Chargers could pay him whatever he wants. I also know that once no deal is reached, it’s over. Teams will still act like there is a cap (most teams) and LT will chase the jack. I like how the NBA (am I about to compliment the NBA?) allows for the home team to pay more. Makes sense for the fans.
  • If anyone doubts that Charlie Weis is headed back to New England as the OC, I can’t imagine why. Weis and Belichick get along well and understand the other. That is hard to do with Belichick. Weis is also a very good friend of Tom Brady. Here is an interesting angle for the Spartan Nation. Weis had a lot of good things to say when Belichick was considering MSU QB Brian Hoyer. Weis raved about his arm, smarts, and ability to run a team. Spartans may not have liked Weis, but that would be a good thing for Hoyer if Weis would essentially be his new “Boss.” It is nice to know he likes and respects you.
  • More NFL with a Spartan Nation twist. Spartan TE Garrett Celek’s older brother Brent just signed a very nice extension with the Eagles. Brent’s talents are firmly rooted in his work ethic and ability to achieve with superb technique and commitment to route running. Sounds like his brother Garrett.
  • When the Titan’s owner demanded that Jeff Fisher play embattled QB Vince Young, the general consensus was “How do you question Fisher?” Well, the owner and his money own the operation and Fisher did what he was told to do. How bad will Fisher’s stubbornness hurt him with his owner and if he should get the chance to leave with other teams? He just had a showdown that he clearly lost as far as evaluating the talent of a key player.
  • With the Patriots needing defensive help and the Dolphins Jason Taylor needing a ring, many think he will be in New England next year.
  • If, and that is a big if, Lovie Smith, the Chicago coach, keeps his job it would appear that Mike Martz will be his new OC in 2010. Someone with the Bears tipped me to this, but here is an even better angle. Rod Marinelli who is Lovie Smith’s “Right hand guy on defense” fired Martz and I can tell you Martz actions made that relationship, at best, cancerous in Detroit. How would that affect team chemistry?
  • How much fun is Favre having? As long as he stays injury free and the bulk of his teammates are back, Favre will be also in 2010.