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We have been operating Spartan Nation for many years and will continue to do it for many more. As you know, all of the Spartan Nation family of services is free. Over our history we have had two people that donated to support the site. We are thankful for both parties.

Spartan Nation has the best followers. We love you all and are thankful for you. For some reason over the last several months we have had several people ask about a DONATE link and we are providing this to you as you have asked. No pressure, no guilt. Just a thank you for being here and if you wish to donate, it is now up and available on the main page.

We are not telling you that if you don’t give we are going away. We are not going anywhere. We have been approached numerous times with business propositions to make this a pay site including having been offered a franchise with a major pay-based internet sports entity. We have always refused on the grounds that we are not a pay site and never will be. We still stand by that principle today.

We are constantly looking to add more and better features; those cost money. There is no obligation and we will not do anything publicly to acknowledge who gave and who didn’t. We will do at least one, but probably two, events per calendar year that will be just for those who donate as a way of saying thank you. We are not trying to make this a thing of pressure or embarrassment if someone can’t or doesn’t want to give.

If you are inclined and would like to donate here is how you do it. About halfway down the main page and you see a DONATE button on the right hand side. It is 100% safe and it is ready for you to use.

Thank you!