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Best Sports City in America.... And The Winner Is?

Just this week, released its first regional site, or city to be more specific.


The city they chose? Chicago; which, needless to say, got me thinking. Why?


Of all the markets ESPN could have chosen, what made Chicago stand out and ultimately how does it stand up amongst the best sports towns in America?


Population or market size:

The obvious choice would be New York, followed by LA and Chicago, and so on. But I’m not buying this school of thought. Just because a town doesn’t have the largest quantity of people, doesn’t disprove their allegiance or ability to be mentioned amongst the best.


Advantage – None.


Championship Consistency:

While we throw words like dynasty around like a Frisbee if a team wins two or three championships in a 3-5 year period, the truth is that there have only really been a few.


Hockey: No surprise here, Hockeytown gets a goal.


Football: Whether you like them or not, and how they win (possibly cheat) the New England Patriots are in a class of two, which includes the Pittsburg Steelers.


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Baseball: Recently they haven’t been included in any sort of mix, but the New York Yankees are as close as they come. While I’m not ready to hand them any kind of praise for hundreds of million dollar rosters that miss the playoffs, we’ll hand them a half point for trying. Atlanta, please come to the front and get your point.


Basketball: While winning it all hasn’t been their staple, getting there consistently and being in the hunt has been, with a few rings. The Lakers have been and will continue to be there in the future.



Clearly the most important, a town’s sports performance is only judged on its ability to cheer when others question. Cry when others don’t. Scream when others say shut up. And taunt. Taunt like your team is the best and you saying something clever adds to their victory.


Without a doubt, Chicago surges. I’ve been to several cities, several more stadiums, and watched many games in person. No more passionate than the Chi. Besides a single game in the 1985 season and that span in the 90’s where Michael Jordan ruled the world can fans embrace their losing teams with more conviction and dedication. From the Chicago Cubs that haven’t won since……let me do the math and get back to you; to the Blackhawks that haven’t seen the playoffs but when they watch it on TV in close to a decade, Chicago doesn’t waver.


In college, at the THE Michigan State University I would argue with my Michigan Constituents about their wavering passion for their “beloved teams.” An unfortunately never, could I gauge who they really felt compelled about. The winning Pistons faded and so did their fan base. And the one hit wonder Detroit Tigers fans are now non-existent. Sorry Detroit fans, I have to take that point the Red Wings earned for you away.


LA, don’t get me started. I think more people read the celebrity gossip page than the sports section.



While I have to admit, my criteria my not be full proof, I think it at least provides a basis for argumentation. And that’s my intent, to give a basis for logical, passionate sports talk. That being said here’s how I rate my sports cities.


  1. Chicago
  2. Boston
  3. Pittsburgh / Philadelphia
  4. New York
  5. Detroit

You've heard what I think, now click here and let me know who you think should or should not be on the list?