Combine notes from here in Indy today:

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February 23, 2007

Indianapolis, Indiana

RCA Dome

I was at the 5 a.m. workouts at the Duffy this morning, and then came straight here to Indy. I am leaving here late on Saturday to go back for the MSU vs. IU game and coming right back after, so I am posting this and going to sleep!

 Notes from the combine:


  1. The Lions are sending out as many smoke signals as they can, but in the end they won’t trade their pick unless someone offers a stupid deal like the Giants did to the Chargers.
  2. At the number two pick the clear choice is Joe Thomas the OT from Wisconsin. With that being said, Gaines Adams the DE from Clemson. Joe Thomas is getting a lot of love and one AFC GM (that I have known a long time) told me today “if I was Detroit it would Thomas and a trade wouldn’t even be talked about. You take that guy and move Backus to RT and you have done a major job at fixing the line.” Thomas is clearly the choice but Adams could sneak in.
  3. Here is a secret:Â the Lions are having dinner tonight with Thomas.Â
  4. I asked Thomas what he felt about being a Lion today and he was all smiles “…I think if you look they were in so many games and with a team that is improving I like the idea of being part of being part of building something. I would love that to happen.”
  5. I will be speaking to Gaines on Sunday. I am coming back late tomorrow for the MSU game and then coming right back Saturday night afterwards.
  6. I am not thin and I admit that, bit wow, neither is JaMarcus Russell. He was 265 but looks bigger than that.
  7. Pac Man Jones will not be a Titan if they have anything to say about it.Â
  8. More love for Thomas: "I think I'm a very technically sound offensive tackle. I think I have a great work ethic. I think I really study hard, study my opponent hard. I think I'm a guy that won't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to all aspects of my game."
  9. There seems to be real optimism about Brandon Fields. One scout of a team that admitted that they liked fields said, “He sure can boot the ball, but gets down and plays tough. We are not a team that accepts our special teams having ten guys. We expect a punter to go down and do something, that Fields is one tough cookie.”
  10. Matt Trannon however is not getting much love. I talked to three scouts who need receivers and all three were less then impressed. “Ever heard of Mike Mamula? He was a guy with all the physical attributes but failed. Trannon set the record for catches in a game but they were all screens behind the line of scrimmage.” That was from an NFC team scout. A scout from an AFC team said, “he can’t catch the ball. Sure he can when it was the screen pass but he drops so many passes. For all the talk about him being tough, he sure hears footsteps.” Lastly a scout from an NFC playoff team echoes earlier sentiments about Trannon with “…he’s kind of like that girl in school that had all the features and looked good, but it was all a waste. I am sure he is a good kid but he just drops too many passes and you can’t waste downs at this level.” Ouch, it doesn’t sound good for Matt; let’s hope he has a good workout.
  11. I will have a lot on Drew and Cliff Ryan tomorrow.