December 2005 Reader Email


Hondo, do you think that Davis will make it in the NBA? Paul-Stockbridge
-Hi Paul! I think that he is a great young man with incredible talent. He as you know has a tendency to get soft and back away from the inside physical game which is what he needs to do. I am for sure; as I am sure you are that he will get drafted, however, if he is really going to be great I think he has to step up his inside presence and toughness.

Hondo, what is up with football recruiting? Jon-St. Johns
-Hi Jon! I am going to have a special TV show on that subject with the master insider of recruiting Jim Comparoni of Spartan Magazine. I really don’t want to comment now, I will however tell you that you should watch for the show and February and don’t hesitate to read my lengthy recruiting report after signing day!

Hondo, I heard that you had a show on with Tony Dungy, any chance that gets put up on the web for those of us not in Lansing to see? Steve-Minneapolis
-Thanks Steve for the letter. Yes sir, as we speak a new set of interviews are being uploaded and you should get to see it soon!

Hondo, what are the odds that John L. Smith returns as MSU head coach after next season? Karen-Jackson
-Karen, if he wins 8 games, 100%!

Hondo, what did you get for Christmas? Sean-Lansing
-Sean, I got coal! What did you expect? On a bright note, it was at least green!

Hondo is Eli as good as Peyton? Alex-Williamston
-Alex, not yet, but he could be. Let’s be honest however, Peyton has the potential to be one of the best.

Hondo I hear you talk about the Lions, if you had to pick today, who do you think will be coach? John-Eagle
-John, I would have to say that there are a few names, and as of yet, he hasn’t narrowed it down. I think Russ Grimm, the Asst. Head coach in Pittsburgh would be great or maybe Jim Haslett the old Saints coach, those would be my 2 front runners but it is really to early to tell.

Hondo, what would you do about the Lions offensive line? Rachel-Holt
-I would keep Kelly Butler who I believe with some maturation will be an eventual All-Pro. I would also keep Dom Raiola who is smaller, but is a fierce competitor. I would have to take a look at Backus and Kosier, both badly under performed and Woody has been decent but nowhere near the value of his huge contract.

Hondo, Izzo will have these guys looking like big time national championship contenders if everybody stays healthy! Mike-Okemos
- Hi Mike! I agree. People need to support and leave Izzo alone. He has earned the right for the Spartan Nation to leave him alone and let him work his magic.

Hondo, any coverage of the Pistons coming up on the house? Sean-Jackson
- Hi Sean! We’ve got it coming bro. Look for it to heat up in FEB 06!

Hondo, what do you think of the Tiger’s off-season? Brad-Howell
- Hi Brad! What off-season? You mean getting a pitcher with an attitude and some other has-been? Yeah I have heard but I don’t want to listen. I am really disappointed!

Hondo, are you going to cover the Red Wings at all? Sam-Charlotte
-Hi Sam. Funny you should ask, watch in FEB 06 for a great treat!

Hondo, what do you think of women’s hockey? I know that it was popular with the Granato girl in the Olympics and aren’t some Big Ten schools getting it? Vicki-Lansing
- Hi Vicki! Yes Ma’am, it was very popular in the Olympics. I was talking recently with a staff member of a Big Ten school that has female hockey and they told me that it was a real hard draw. I enjoy college hockey, and if it can sustain itself, then great!

Hondo, what do you think about Mateen, do you think he will ever come back to MSU as a coach? Yarn-East Lansing
-Hello Yarn! I would love to someday see Mateen back at MSU is some capacity. He is a great Spartan and I personally think he would be a force as a recruiter. I think that it is a real possibility if he can complete the degree.

Hondo, who is your favorite Spartan of all time? Tom-Mt. Pleasant
- Hi Tom! WOW that is a real hard question. I would say that I do have some favorites, but anyone excluded is certainly not disrespected. I will only name those I have seen in person. Football: Dan Bass Basketball: Jay Vincent Hockey: Ron Scott. That said, my favorite player of all time, whether I have seen them in person or not has to be Jay Vincent. He is the perfect balance of what it means to be a Spartan.

Hondo, what do you think about MSU baseball playing at Oldsmobile park? Andrea-Pewamo
- I would love to see that until Coach Grewe can return the program to a place where it is feasible for us to build an on campus facility. I always prefer on campus, but for now, I think that would be good and would generate more interest.

Thanks everyone. I hope you have a great 2006! Thanks for watching the show and reading Spartan Nation. I have some big announcements coming soon as well as some great additions to the site!

Peace, Hondo


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