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On the commitment to the run game:
"I think one, the only way you're going to get better at it is committing to it and doing it. You might be running into a rock a few times, but you've just got to keep working at it. I think when you just stay with something and you have a belief to it, it's going to get better and better. But the defense has got to prepare for it. When they know that we're going to be stubborn enough to go after it and do it, then they've got to respect it."On the heavy emphasis on the run today in practice: "That's at the goal line. That's going to happen a little bit more because we're trying to get (pad level) lower at the goal line. It was an extremely physical day today. They were fresh and they were ready to go. They understand that we've got to be able to run the football and defend it. If we can run it, third downs become very manageable. If we stop the run, third downs are a lot of fun on defense."

On whether establishing the running game is more about a mindset or skill set: "Both. The thing I've (said) is it's a physical investment. You've got to physically gear in everyday and go to work on it. If it was easy, every team would be running it. It's just not easy."

On what the next steps are for this team in the preseason: "The same exact basics that I talked about last week. I want to develop a run game, we've got to lower (with our pads); I want to stop the run; I don't want to turn the ball over; we've got to eliminate and reduce penalties more and we have to have superior punting. I think the other parts are there. We're going to throw the ball well, we've got good receivers and a good quarterback and I think we've got t a nice secondary. To use that arsenal on defense, you've got to stop the run. It's not something you say: 'Hey, we're playing the run well.' No - it's everyday (working) to continually get better at it. That's what I want to keep improving in."

On whether he wishes the weather was warmer: "Well, I can wish, but it (doesn't) matter. So I prefer not to waste my time wishing."

On what he thinks of this year's rookies: "I think it's pretty deep, all the way from top to bottom - so far. We'll see. It's got to keep playing itself out but I've liked what I've seen so far."

On whether he got to see any of the PGA Championship: "You know? I kind of missed that."

On whether he has seen any of the Olympics: "You guys do a great job of writing (about it). I enjoy (reading it). Nice writing - I appreciate it."

On why a series of runs to wear down a team and score a touchdown is better than a 60-yard scoring play: "I think it identifies who you're trying to become. This game is still about being physical. There's nothing to me more demoralizing on defense than struggling to stop the run. Because there's nothing you can do. I mean really, now you start gambling with stuff and it becomes hit or miss. When you play a team that can really run the football, the attempts are important, but then the better you get at it - defensively you've got to prepare now. I mean you've got to get down and wire-in and say, 'We've got to get this stopped. We've got to make sure this is stopped.' Now late in the fourth quarter, that's when the body blows come. It's like a boxing match. When guys go 15 rounds, the body blows start coming; the body punches, the body punches. That's when you can weaken an opponent. Now we've got a long ways to go before we're there, being a body puncher. We're just jabbing right now. That's the mindset and we're going to stay with it."

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On getting the rest of the players off of PUP: "Oh it's great. We had Daniel (Bullocks), Mac (Shaun McDonald) and (Dan) Campbell. It was good. They all got good work in. We tried to keep Dan (Campbell) just in the passing situations; we don't want him run-blocking yet. Mac just jumps in and looks like he's been doing it every day. Daniel got individual work and then we had another individual period during kicking for him - getting his keys and some of those things."

On whether Bullocks, Campbell or McDonald will play against Cincinnati: "No."

On whether they'll play in the third preseason game: "We'll kind of see how they come out of these things right now - how sore they are."

On whether G Edwin Mulitalo will play at Cincinnati: "Oh he's been fine. Yeah, he's got a chance to go out and play. He's in there rooting around today."

On how long it will be until Bullocks is in a position to start contributing on the field: "Probably the best guy who can answer that is Dean (Kleinschmidt). He'll see him day-in and day-out. This is a new step for him today. It's different movements and we've just got to see how the leg reacts. So it's kind of day-to-day."

On whether playing is part of the rehabilitation process: "Oh, that's the big (thing). Because he's healthy, but now it's coming in and (there's) all those bodies flying around you. He's been in open space right now. Now the next step - you start thinking about it, that leg and there's bodies flying in at you."

On the value of TE Dan Campbell: "Oh he's really important. We've got a nice group of tight ends and he's a heck of a tight end. It's a guy who's a really good run-blocker and we know what he can do catching the ball. I think (it also) brings a real presence - the guy loves playing football. He brings a real presence with him as a player, to this team, and leadership."