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  • The Lions completed their 13th day of training camp today. The team practiced in the afternoon on the indoor field in shells (helmets and shoulder pads) at their headquarters and training facility in Allen Park. 
  • WR Devale Ellis, RB Kevin Jones and DT Shaun Rogers remain on the PUP list and did not practice today. 
  • The team will open an additional day of training camp to the general public Wednesday, August 8 (weather permitting) at the headquarters and training facility in Allen Park. Wednesday’s practice will begin at 11:15 a.m. and will be limited to the first 500 fans. Fans can check for more information. 
  • Tickets are still available for the Detroit Lions 2007 preseason home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals Thursday, August 9. The television broadcast will begin at 9 p.m. (tape delay) in blackout areas, including WKBD-TV CW 50 in Metro Detroit. Fans that purchase 2007 preseason individual game tickets can then purchase an equal number of regular season individual game tickets prior to the public on-sale date of Friday, August 31, 2007. To take advantage of this exclusive offer fans must call TicketMaster by phone at 248.645.6666. Fans can buy preseason game tickets through other outlets (in person at the Ford Field Ticket Office and TicketMaster outlets; online at and; however, the regular season individual game offer is only available by placing TicketMaster phone orders.

On what he expects out of the first game: “I think in the first few preseason games, what we try to do is, we put people in positions to make plays. (It’s) not so much about attacking a defense, as much as trying to get guys in a position to see what they can do. Like the offensive lineman, we’ll try and put pressure on them in the running game; the receivers on certain routes and matchups and put the quarterback in a stressful situation and see how they respond. So you kind of learn about them, really.”

On if he has a list of plays to run to ‘test’ players: “There are certain things we want to make sure we get done in this game to find out certain things about different players – particularly some of the backs. You want to make sure that you can see them as receivers and some of those things.”

On if he’d call a play that he wouldn’t normally call in the season to see how a player responds: “Right, yeah, and that’ll happen in the redzone too. We’ll try to do certain things with the ball in the redzone, that’s the way the preseason games go in the scrimmage. You’re just trying to look at certain things and situations and really test them and see how well they respond.”

On how long the starters will play: “That stuff is up to coach Marinelli. We’ve not discussed that yet, that’ll be a discussion for our next meeting.”

On what they’ll do at backup quarterback: “Well, each week we’re going to try and emphasize one or the other – with (the) backup quarterbacks, we’ve not made a decision yet. We’re trying to let them get as much exposure without piecemeal. If you go in and share time all the time, they can’t get in the flow of the game, so we’re trying to get each one the majority of a game and let them respond and see how well they do with it.”

On who will get the majority of the snaps this week: “Probably J.T. (O’Sullivan) this week; that’s kind of what we’re thinking about. We talked to coach Marinelli earlier this morning; we think that’s probably what we’ll do.”

On the next few games at quarterback: “In the third one, (Jon) Kitna will take the lion’s share of that, and then maybe the second one Danny (Orlovsky) should get a pretty good dose of it. We’ll just see how things go. I’m pleased with both of them. I think they’ve both done a real good job. We’ll just see, it’s kind of exciting to see these guys grow a little bit (in) what they’re doing. They’re getting better and they should do well.”

On how close WR Calvin Johnson is to getting into game shape: “You know, it’s hard, because, what’ll happen to him is he’s going to hit the wall after about two weeks, physically. His legs will get real tired. So you’ve got to give him kind of a reprieve. Right now, he’s going to get stressed physically pretty good; then we’ll try and back off and help him out with that. He just has to get used to the cost and have him get back in the huddle and go full speed kind of a deal. There’s no way you can prepare yourself for that until you’re here in camp. That’s what he’s got to go through right now. Of course, when that happens, just the sharpness of what you do, the routes and seeing the ball, you know, all those things kind of mentally, they’ve got to get used to that, they have to play with that.”

On if they’ll use Johnson much this week: “Oh yeah, we’re going to see him a lot in this game. We’re going to see him a lot in the preseason. He’s got to learn how to play in this league. We’re going to wear his little froggy rear end out, so he’ll be ready.”

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On Johnson: “He’s a remarkable player. He’s a remarkable young man, so he’ll be fine. Some of the things that the first day he struggled with he did really well out here (today), so you can see the progress.”

On O’Sullivan getting so many reps: “It’s hard to evaluate somebody who really is not prepared or understands or can do. You want to make sure that they are completely clear about what is going on and the way to do that is really get them involved. Now, we should be able to evaluate him. It’s hard to evaluate him if he’s not sure and he’s not had some reps at that, some practice doing it. Danny’s had those reps, so we want to put them kind of on an even scale, so to speak, and then I think that’s the best way to evaluate them.”

On how he’ll teach QB Drew Stanton when he’s on IR: “He takes all the tests and does all the things the other guys do. We try to keep him involved as much as we can, and of course, Adam (Gase) is really going to mentor him in the little details of what we do as well.”

On how much Stanton’s injury hurts his development: “I think it’s always good to have him in the preseason to play, so he gets a taste of it and he can see the speed, the action, and the timing of things. He’ll miss that. I think there are a lot of things like that that he’s going to miss out on. The good news is: he has a real good chance; he’s a smart young man and he’s mature enough to understand that he really kind of needs to be a sponge. Not just with the X and O’s, but how these quarterbacks operate in the huddle, how they deal with other players, how they prepare for games. He’s got a real good chance now to be a student of all these things and memory-bank it, so to speak. So it’ll really help his preparation here, another year.”

On if he would equate the O’Sullivan situation with Kurt Warner: “I think the qualities that you look for in a quarterback that you really do not know anything about – and, by the way, when they come through the door, I have no preconceived idea what anybody should be. That’s just not how we are. Accuracy is paramount to everything. If they’re accurate and they’re smart, and they can learn what we do, then they’ve got a heck of a chance. He’s both of those things. Now, he’s going to make a lot of mistakes and do all those things, but the bottom line is, he does a real nice job accuracy wise, and he has real good retention. There’s a tremendous volume of information that was thrown on him and he’s a little bit on overload right now, but, once he got into that scrimmage the other night, he just really kind of calmed down. Things are going to go really fast for him. We’re trying to slow him down a little bit and I think that’ll really help him.”

On if O’Sullivan is similar to Warner: “They’re so different. I don’t know enough about (O’Sullivan). Warner was a pretty unique individual; I don’t know if anybody is like him. What (O’Sullivan) does, some of the strengths that he has, he can see things really well like Jon (Kitna) does. The recognition and where to go with the ball is pretty special with them. The accuracy is very special, so we’ll just see what he does with it under pressure.”

On what he’d like to get out of the first preseason game defensively: “It’s the first chance to really get after somebody in a different color uniform and a different color helmet. It’s the first time we’re going to be able to live tackle. That’s exciting; it’s the first time for us to come out in front of our fans. It’s going to be a great time and also it’s the first chance for us to really evaluate our team live; full speed, live bullets. We’re looking forward to that.”

On reading into the first exhibition game: “I try not to do that. I try to wait on the full body workout before preseason games, but I’m sure there will be someone that maybe we didn’t think was a real physical guy then all of a sudden he really hits somebody. Or someone that we assumed would be a real physical guy and sort of turned some things down. I try not to get too high or low off of one preseason game.”

On how far the defense has come since last season: “You know, I’ve told you guys before that I’ve tried not to really even think about last year. I wasn’t here, so that wouldn’t be fair for me to do – both personally and for (the team). I’m basing everything off of March 19, 2007, which was really the first day I got to know these guys at the starting of our offseason program and where we’ve come from then.”

On how much the first team will play against the Bengals: “Yeah, we’re going to talk about that tonight. The gameplan is already pretty much in place but we’re going to sit down and talk about what guys are going to play and how much. We’re going to try and give everybody a fair shake and everyone’s going to get to run around and play a little bit.”

On whether they will take it a little bit lighter in the preseason: “No, I’m a firm believer that you go out and do what you do. I don’t care if it’s the first preseason game or the first round of the playoffs. We’re going to go out and do what we do and that’s what we preach around here. We’re going to play hard, play fast and finish and it’s going to start right here in the first preseason game.”

On how much of the playbook they plan to throw at Cincinnati: “We’re not going to throw the whole playbook out right now, but like I said, I’m not one of those guys that schemes and gameplans for preseason games; it’s still about us right now, the Detroit Lions. I still want to see how we’re going to react and how we’re going to play football. Its fun and it’s exciting that we get to go out against someone in a different color helmet. At this time right now, at this stage of the game in August, it’s about us and what we’re doing. I’m not looking for anything but us just going out and playing hard. Seeing some guys for the first time really fly around when the lights are on with 80,000 people in the stands, and it’s loud, there are game time substitutions and there are different situations, so I’m looking forward to that.”