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  • The Lions completed their twelfth day of training camp today. The team practiced in full pads in the morning and then held a walkthrough session in the afternoon.
  • WR Devale Ellis, RB Kevin Jones and DT Shaun Rogers remain on the PUP list and did not practice today. 
  • The team will open one more day of training camp to the general public Tuesday, August 7 at the headquarters and training facility in Allen Park. Tuesday's practice will begin at 1:40 p.m. and will be limited to the first 500 fans. Fans can check for more information. 

Opening statement:
"It was a good, padded morning. It's an 'A' practice for us in terms of schedule. We hit well this morning, kept them in pads all the way through it. I still want to kind of work on us, what we're doing. It's still about us. It's not about the preseason opponent yet. This afternoon, we're going to take the helmets off and have a real thorough walkthrough. We extend our meetings a little bit longer in the afternoon, and then we'll get going with them. I'm going to give them a little bit of time off tonight, more for the staff to start preparation for our preseason game right now. But, (it was) a pretty good pace for us this morning. Tomorrow will be our first experience - really, we have to card some things up tomorrow. It's the first time we've done that since last year. So that's a whole new learning experience. It's a whole new experience about tempo, and that's my biggest concern: is pace and fundamentals. So it's something we've got to deal with as we get ready to prepare."

On what cards are: "It's your opponent's different fronts and alignments that we might play on defense, different coverages. Then the offense - some of the things that are similar, we'll call the play, but the shifting, the movement might be different than our offense. So we've got to, as a staff, take cards, and then you draw them up, and then you show it to them. And they're tired, and they're looking at the cards, and they're tired, and they line up wrong. So, as a team, I've got to emphasize that tonight: do a nice job of… understand your role. When you're running a card team, you've got to be exact, perfect. It's hard to be a good football team without that look."

On whom they are carding: "Yeah, just where you're getting ready, so we see now just some different fronts and alignments we've got to get used to."

On if the O-line is coming around: "It's still got a nice mesh of guys in there right now, but where it's really going to get taxed right now is, you get into preseason to see all that different stuff coming at us a little bit right now. We're a faster, quicker defense, now you're going to start seeing bigger, physical guys. Each week you've got to be able to adjust: size, power rushers. So this will be a good test, but I think they're coming along well."

On G Damien Woody: "Woody's been fine, been fine."

On how WR Calvin Johnson changes the dynamic of the offense: "The first time, I guess, you go back to he's got to go get in shape. If you take it back to the simplest things, the guy's just been here a couple of days. He's got to make sure he knows what he's doing all the time. So that's on us right now, because he's still a young player. He's a young guy and he's missed a lot. So we've just got to condition him and knowing what to do. But he's got a chance to obviously be very, very special. It dictates coverage problems for people, and once again, he has a chance to open up your running game a little bit."

On the game-breaking potential of Johnson: "Oh, yeah, big time. I mean, he's a big time athlete. So, the key is, it's just like with (LB) Ernie (Sims) in camp last year. We've got to kind of keep developing. Getting it done, the details, and all the things we've got to get done, and he's doing a good job."

On how he feels when the offense goes four-wide: "Really, what makes it special is Mike Martz. A lot of times, people will get that type of configuration of people and not really know how to use them as well. That's what I'm so very comfortable with that. Mike knows how to use it; the pace, the tempo, the running game with that, and he's done it. So that's the part that really makes it exciting to me."

On what QB J.T. O'Sullivan getting all the reps means: "Just, we've seen some good things in him, we've just got to keep pushing him along and let us get into preseason and get it going. Nothing to read into, we just think he's got some good stuff going, and we've taken a good hard look at him."

On if QB Dan Orlovsky can be sharp without getting reps: "We've had a chance with a lot of offseason work, he got some early, so we've just got to work through it. We've just got to see; there're only so many reps in a day you can get. But, then the preseason will come, and we'll see how that will play out."

On if there are any players that will be held out on Thursday: "Dewayne (White) won't (play). If he (any player) is healthy, we're going to play him. Everybody's healthy that we're going to play. If it's close, then we'll obviously back off those guys."

On how long they'll keep the first team out: "We're going to talk about it, but it won't be much. You're always looking at 10, 12 snaps or something in that vicinity. We've got to sit down tomorrow night and talk about it."

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On if White's injury is worse than they thought: "It's still a groin, but it was an upper one, a little higher. It's just probably an extra week; they're being somewhat cautious with him. We want to make sure he's fully healthy. I think it's just week-to-week, and I think it's going to be pretty soon. He was running today, so that was a plus. I'd just rather be smart and get him healthy. He's staying on top of everything."

On when they think DT Shaun Rogers will come off the PUP: "I've got to see how he's feeling, all those things, but hopefully these last couple weeks that I'm looking at. We're going to just keep him running, keep conditioning and keep running. Hopefully he keeps coming around."

On if any of the rookies are standing out: "Calvin has done some nice things. Five-0 (Ikaika Alama-Francis), today it's just like you're really starting to see it a little bit right now. He looked faster and more explosive today. That was fun to see. Gerald Alexander -he's a smart guy; he's a good, young, solid player. So those three are on course. Manny Ramirez is working and competing in there, so we'll see how it all works out. But they're making progress, which they should."

On giving DE Kalimba Edwards a fist bump today: "We just like how he's working. You could see his speed the other night. You could really feel him. So you've just got to do it, but it's every day, it's every rep, it's every opportunity, he's got to turn it into a great rush. He's got to do that for this system to work and he knows that. I believe in him. He's starting to rush, but he's got to finish the rushes off, get the sacks and fumbles. That's what he's got to be able to do for us."

On CB Israel Route: "We released him."

On LB Teddy Lehman: "He's still not ready. He got hit last week, and it's week-to-week. We think another week for him. He won't play this week. Teddy will not play.

"He just got popped. I mean, the guy hit him hard. That big fullback, boy, 47 (Alan Ricard) came in there, it was a heck of a collision. He just got a helmet right there. So we're hoping to get him back here."

On TE Darnell Sanders: "He's coming pretty good; we got him off the street, really, last year. He's done a nice job. He's a big man. He's smooth catching the ball. So, between him and Rudy (Sylvan), we just keep kind of pounding those other tight ends, see if we can find another guy."

On WR Devale Ellis' injury: "It's lingering right now; so a couple weeks we've got to make a decision here. But it was just the rehab, everything, he cuts and starts swelling. We talked about him this morning, so we've just got to wait and see."

On RB Kevin Jones: "Just day-to-day still; just day-to-day running, cutting, all those things. We'll see how it works out. That's a hard injury for a trainer to deal with. It's just about pain sometimes."

On if Jones will have a reaction to playing in pads: "No question. As soon as you put the pads on, and, boy, you plant and make contact - these are tough injuries, but we'll just play it (out). It's up to the trainers when they give him a green light to add to."

On the plan to get Rogers back the last couple of weeks: "Yeah, because there is no structural stuff. I just want to get him in condition. That's my thing, because I just, if he went in pads too early… That's what he got last year. We got him in and he wasn't in great shape and fell down and hurt his shoulder. So I wanted to make sure I was working hard to get him in really good condition. That's been my plan for him. There's a plan for him, to get him… these other ones, you've just got to see how the injuries heal."

On a timetable for evaluating the injuries: "You're just going to have to make a decision there pretty soon on all that. We just let the trainers guide us in that area."

On if O'Sullivan has a history holding for kicks: "I couldn't answer that directly for you, but most quarterbacks do."