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  • The Lions had a full-squad practice this afternoon in pads on the outdoor field at the team's headquarters and practice facility in Allen Park. This week's practice routine is intended to simulate the regular season.
  • The team announced today that they have placed FB Jon Bradley (shoulder) on the Reserve/Injured list. Bradley came to Detroit last season after spending three seasons (2004-06) with the Buccaneers. Bradley made the transition from defensive tackle to fullback during training camp in 2007 and saw action in 15 games (six starts) during the regular season posting five carries for 9 yards. 
  • In other roster moves, the Lions announced that they have signed TE Clark Harris. Harris was originally signed to the Lions practice squad on November 28, 2007 after spending the beginning of the season on the Packers practice squad. Harris was signed for the 2008 season on January 1, 2008 and released on May 19. He was a seventh round draft pick (243rd overall) by the Packers out of Rutgers in the 2007 NFL Draft.
  • Detroit also waived-injured WR Taye Biddle (groin) after claiming him off waivers July 29. Biddle entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent for Carolina in 2006 and spent six games on the Panthers' active roster as a rookie. He was released by Carolina at the end of the 2007 preseason and was soon signed to Tampa Bay's practice squad where he spent the entire season. The Buccaneers re-signed Biddle January 25, 2008 but waived him July 25.

On how Sunday's preseason game against the Bengals looked on film: "It was solid, solid work. I thought the fundamentals were pretty good. One of the goals is that the effort every week has got to be exceptional, and I thought it was pretty good - getting close to it. To have speed is one thing; to use it is another, and I thought we did a nice job of that. I thought we played hard."

On whether QB Dan Orlovsky is pushing QB Drew Stanton to work harder for the No. 2 spot: "I think the biggest thing would be to evaluate the players week-to-week. He's (Stanton) getting better; that's what I like. He's improving; he's getting better within the system. The opportunities he's had, he's had a chance to make some plays. But so has Dan."

On WR Devale Ellis' injury: "Hamstring."

On whether the injury is serious: "I don't think. They said (he will be out)for one to two practices."

On the roster movers made today: "FB Jon Bradley went on the Reserve/Injured list. We signed Clark Harris, tight end, which allows another tight end to come back and play fullback if needed. Then WR (Taye) Biddle we waived injured, and we re-signed WR Eric Fowler who we had here earlier in camp."

On Bradley's shoulder injury being worse than thought: "I just couldn't go with it."

On being worried about TE Dan Campbell, who is still not practicing: "(We're) always concerned about injuries as you lose any player, but hopefully he'll get over this hamstring. He's felt pretty good on it today, he said, so wait and see."

On what he likes about new signee TE Clark Harris: "He's a guy who can come in, he's been (here), and he knows the system a little bit. (He has) good hands, he can catch the ball well. Now we have to make sure to test his mettle as a blocker."

On CB Brian Kelly's admirable attributes: "(He's a) pro. (He's) detailed. He's been in the system for 11 years or whatever it is, so he understands this system, and the more you do the same thing, you expand. When you first learn you kind of play in a little box, and the more you feel it your instincts start to come alive. The correct moves are there and then you grow as a player."

On whether Kelly was allowed to sit out during past practices because of his familiarity with the system: "No, we just felt - and doc (Dean Klineschmidt) felt - that in the afternoon we should not practice him."

On the improvements Stanton has made from the start of training camp through the second preseason game: "He just seems comfortable. After the first one I just felt that he kind of got a little bit of swagger, you know? A lot of that is just playing. Obviously he can run and do some things with his legs, and I just think each and every week you've got a chance to improve."

On the run game Sunday compared to the first preseason game: "It was better. It was better. It's not what I want, but it was better. We got some nice cut-off blocks in the backside this past week. We cut some people, and that was good. We pushed into it better."

On this game being more physical than the first: "I thought it was. They're getting more comfortable. I think the more you do the same thing over and over and over, the better it's going to get. You can kind of see it. With the run game, you just have to keep pounding it and keep pushing it."

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On whether he was surprised by RB Artose Pinner's performance: "No. We know he's a good runner. He's a good, tough runner. He showed that in the first game too. No, he's a physical player."

On how rookie FB Jerome Felton performed with the first unit: "He blocked very well. He got his hat on the right guy, that's No. one, but he's been physical. That's not an issue with him."

On the possibility of keeping one fullback and four tight ends so that one tight end could act as a fullback if needed: "All of that, yes. All of those possibilities are there, but what we want to do right now instead of looking at that part, (is look at) who are our best football players? Keep working through this week and the next couple weeks and find out who are the best players and then you start shuffling them around."

On how TE John Owens performed: "I think he's doing solid. He's banged up a little bit. The thing I'm impressed (with is that he's fighting through all of it."

On how meaningful it is to be 2-0 in the preseason: "What's more meaningful to me is that the pad levels down, the hustle, the effort and we're getting the correct run fits on defense. I think we're punting the ball very well. That's what's meaningful to me."

On who the No. one punt returner seems to be right now: "Well, right now it would be Aveion (Cason), and he's working at it. He could just dig it out now, but one thing with him, he's very sure-handed, and I like that. The one thing - and we have to keep looking at everybody - but I think all the way through camp we charted, I think he had one drop the entire camp. He's a very sure-handed guy, catching the ball, all those things, so that is top priority to me - we don't turn it over. Then he's got good run ability."

On the quarterback rotation against Cleveland: "We usually talk about it at the end of the week. Right now, I'm worried about, just today is just all fundamentals. We've worked against ourselves. I take my hat off to this team. I told them, we just played a very physical game, two days ago and we come out in full pads today and they go out and get a couple periods in - they shorten the periods a little bit. They came out and had a very physical work day against each other, stayed up off the ground. That's what I am interested in right now. Just keep developing; I just want to develop the team."

On if the team gets fired up by the song "Chain Gang" on the loud speakers:Â "No."

On if the song is inspirational for the team:Â "No."

On focusing on one theme coming out of the Cincinnati game: "Well I think it's going to be the same theme, ok? I want to make sure we're the emphasis on the run game. We want to keep improving. The run defense, I want to keep improving. Penalties, I want to reduce penalties. I want to stay on top of that. I want to have a really good punt team, reliable protection and see us cover. We didn't cover one last week, we out-kicked our coverage once and that just can't happen. The turnover, takeovers, I want that to keep going."

On the reason he doesn't praise rookies much during camp: "(They) haven't earned it. No, I just stay on them. Right now, they just need to get grounded into getting better."

On wanting the rookies to have a false sense of security: "Oh no. I mean, anybody, they just, that's why this game - this week of practice and preparation is fundamental day. They go into this game, its important again. For all those things I say I want to look at, I want to see who wants to make our team, too. Who wants a starting job and who wants this? So it's, let them put it out on tape."

On T Gosder Cherilus getting game reps at left tackle: "Yeah, he seemed okay. When you flip sides, it's different. The assignments are all the same, but, the differences are the footwork and the technique and those things. But he, you know, we got to prepare ourselves down the road to make sure, you can't go into a game with one left tackle. You can't. So somebody has got to be able to be a swing guy."

On Cherilus having no penalties: "Our team was down, too. Yeah, the whole team was down, and that's each and every week, a whole new event."