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On the injuries in tonight's game: "Two ankles, Aveion Cason and (Sean McHugh); and Avril had a little back boo-boo so we'll wait and see."

On if CB Brian Kelly dressed: "No."

On why Kelly did not play: "Well, we held him out."

On if the team is where he wants it to be: "No. There's some areas still I think we have to be sharper at. I want to see the coverage a little bit better in the kicking game, especially the kickoff team. I think we still have to improve in that area. Tackling was pretty sharp. We had a couple misfits in our run game, and we have to be on that. And I want to run the ball consistently."

On his opinion of the running game: "Solid. It's got to get better. It's got to be more consistent. We had a couple that broke, which is good. What I want is a punishment. I wan to punish the defense. And I want to take their legs out of them so they can't rush. And that's what I'm trying to do. Will we run for 2,000 yards? I don't know. But I want to be physical. I want to make a physical statement with that front, and we have to keep punishing the ball up inside. And then they'll defend it. Then we have a chance to use the big guys outside."

On being pleased with QB Jon Kitna and the passing offense: "We should. We have a good passing offense. It is. We have four really good receivers on this team, and we have a quarterback I like, a veteran quarterback, and we're developing another one. So that part, I think we're going to be fine. But I have to keep the hounds off him. We have to keep the dogs off him, and the way you can do that is get manageable third downs. And the way you get manageable third downs is having the opportunity to run the ball and make it physical."

On whether the position battles are becoming clearer: "In the lines it's really hard to tell. I'll see a flash play here or there, I can feel it. To really answer you correctly, we'll watch the tape and see kind of where we're at because it's really hard on that sideline to see it all. You feel certain things."

On how promising RB Kevin Smith's touchdown run was for the running game: "A big part of the run game and back on my old philosophy all those days is if you keep hitting and keep throwing body punches, body punches, body punches, you have a chance. But the thing is you have to throw body punches to make it crack. Right now I'm trying to evaluate the guys that want to do it our way. That's what I'm trying to evaluate out of these games."

On the things he's seen in the preseason that he would like to continue into the regular season: "All I can say, what I've been looking for in the preseason, I wanted to stop the run. I think we're doing a solid job there. I want to lead the league in effort. Just great effort, that's what I'm looking for. Wanted to run the ball, and that's up and down. Penalties, we're reducing our penalties, which I'm pleased with right now. We went -1 which, I'm not pleased with, and that's got to get better. There's some things that we're doing because I believe we're going to throw the ball well, and I think if we can get you in a nickel situation in terms of third and five plus, we have some ammunition to go at you - I really believe that with our secondary and our cover and rush. But none of it will work unless we're knocking the run out."

On if the punt return job is wide open: "Yeah, we're still looking. I think we're solid. Nobody's really jumped out. So if you're solid, no penalties. Sometimes your opponent had a couple good returns, they had penalties. It negates you, you go backwards. So the one thing we just have to keep emphasizing in our return game is no penalties."

On his comfort with moving the pocket and adjusting to the flow of the run: "I mean, like I said, you guys didn't know a lot about me coming out of college and the way I was when I first started playing in the league, but that's what I did a lot. I did that in college, I did it in high school. It was always a big part of what I did. Then when I got in the league, until I got comfortable with the drop-back passing game and being in the pocket and all that stuff, you know that was a lot of what we did. But then as you progress as a quarterback and you mature a little bit and you start to understand things, you start to feel comfortable in the tight space that the pocket is, you know, you just kind of get away from those things. But that's obviously something that we're going to try to do, and none of those were designed tonight by me but that's one of the things that I always want to be able to help my team with my feet if need be."

On if not being sacked yet helps his game: "Again, I think it all goes hand in hand. All that we talk about and what Rod talks about, and all that stuff, it goes hand in hand. When you're getting good protection from the offensive line, you make better decisions. I think when things break down that's when it's the really hardest to make good decisions and sometimes you get caught or when the game gets out of hand. And fortunately right now we've played in situations where obviously it's early in the game and it's all right there before you, and so you know when to take chances and when not to. And it's worked out for us. But like I said, it's a collective thing. It's not just the quarterback. It's all the things working together."

On if he's concerned that the running game is not working: "Yeah, I think, again, it's going to take some time. It will. You can't change your whole philosophy on how you run it and expect to just click overnight. And the thing like I said that I've seen in this league is typically what happens is you're putting stuff in, you're trying to learn, and guys are just starting to learn to play together and how this all works. And then the season starts and you're kind of in that survival mode. The good thing for us is we have our by-week early this year, so that's typically when you start to see the running game take off when you have a new scheme going in and new things like that. Now that's not an excuse and anything like that certainly we're not going to just accept that, but I think that's what I've seen in my years in the league. But we ran it better in the second half. And again, Cleveland is - when you don't play a 3-4 defense a lot, it can be a little more difficult because it just presents different blocking angles and how they attack you."

On feeling the presence of former Lions DT Shaun Rogers: "We all know what Shaun is. I mean, he's one of the most dominant defensive tackles in this league, has been for a long time. You know, like last year he was unbelievable those first eight games, and just injuries caught up with him and I think his body wasn't able to respond. But when he was playing and feeling healthy about himself in those first eight games he was the best I've ever seen in terms of dominating the game just from one position on defense. I played with Cortez Kennedy and Sam Adams, and it says a lot. Shaun is a good player. We know what we gave up when he left here. He's good, but we wish him well. I'm glad we don't have to play him twice a year."

On what went through his mind after Rogers tackled him: "No, you just don't even think about that stuff. I think he helped me up or whatever."

On if he would like to have more reps with the passing game: "Again our focus this preseason has been our running game. We have the same cast of characters in the passing game that we've dealt with for three years now, pretty much. So that kind of thing, I don't think there's any rust. I think we've proven that there's no rust. I don't think we need more reps. I think they've had a good plan all along with how they want to handle it and going into the game they've said what they want their reps to be and they've stuck to it in every game, so I think it's been a good thing."

On if tonight's success with the running games shows that you must stick with it to be successful: "That's how the running game is. A lot of times it's two, it's three, it's minus-two, it's nothing, and then all of a sudden that big one hits because the running game is like that boxing match where a guy keeps hitting somebody in the body. It doesn't really look like much early, but later on they just get tired of getting hit in the body, and then they let their guard down. I think the running game is the same way. You kind of get tired of making those tackles. Jim (Colletto) is a stubborn play caller. He's going to stick with it, he's not going to change, and that's what Rod wants. And Kevin (Smith) is a good runner. You know a couple of those runs, like last week the big run he had, that run is going to be a touchdown once he gets comfortable in this league. It'll be a touchdown once he gets used to seeing stuff."

On what he thought of QB Dan Orlovsky's performance: "I think the best thing that happened to him tonight was he had the turnover and he had to bounce back from that. He did a great job managing the game and played really well I thought."

On how pleased he is with his personal performance in the preseason: "Again, we have some pretty good receivers. And when we get protection, those receivers are not going to lose very often. I think we've proven that over the last couple years. So we just have to stay in manageable situations in the game that keeps our offensive line in successful situations in terms of half-blocking, and that's where we've gotten ourselves in trouble. But again, we've thrown for a lot of yards the last couple years and a high percentage, so I don't think this is anything new really."

On his performance in today's game: "Well, I'm not going to really judge myself. My goal was to just go out and play good football, move the chains, and get first downs. But, what I was really pleased is that the second offense got to go against their first team defense. I think for two or three drives, we moved the ball on them pretty well. I think we scored 10 points. So that was encouraging for me just to see our offensive guys up front, our guys on the perimeter making plays against a good defensive football team. We'll check the tape to see what things were done well, see the things that were done poorly, and continue to learn from it and move on."

On his interception: "Yeah, it was one of those things where they pressured and I went to go throw into the blitz. It was a panic thing because me and the receiver weren't on the same page. It was just the cardinal sin; don't throw it right over the middle, right when I threw it. But, it was a good learning experience, just for that situation exactly itself. To do what I really wanted to do with the football, next time I get into that situation. It was dumb, but, my big thing was, and Jon (Kitna) was really encouraging me, cycle the snap. Coach has been preaching, whether it's a good play or bad play, you accept it and move on to the next play. That's really what I tried to focus on. I think I was able to do that."

On the progression he made before finding WR Brandon Middleton for the score: "Yeah, well it was a route that really we have five receivers. And all five are an option depending on what coverage we get, what look we get. And I came out, and just tried to get the ball to John Standeford. I think I had him, but just lost vision of him. And then I just came down to Brandon, and Brandon's got like a duel route. It's his decision what he's going to run. And he just did a good job of reading the defense, finding the open zone, and my thing was just to put it on and as soon as I could. The offensive line did a great job on that play, just protecting, holding up, giving me enough time to make a decision. And Brandon ran a great route."
On how much more he is enjoying this season than last because he is now the second string quarterback: "I am. I always said as a kid, if I had the chance to play (in the NFL); it wasn't going to be about money or fame. It was a struggle, those first three years of my career, really. It was very much an uphill climb. If I didn't have my friends and my family around me, and my faith, I would have never made it. But, it's not that I am satisfied with where I'm at right now. But, I'm having fun again, like you said, playing football. It's good to be a kid again. It's good and fun to come to work every day, see these guys. I mean this team, is a team, and it's really starting to come together from the top down."

On his 35-yard touchdown run, the first touchdown of his professional career: "It was just a play where there was an opportunity for it to be made. The line watched everybody down. I got in there, a guy had his hand on me and I broke his tackle. When I got to daylight, I saw receivers blocking, the receivers did an excellent job blocking. Dan (Orlovsky) was out there. If it wasn't for Dan - Dan really took two (Browns defenders). I kind of weaved, set it up, and Dan pushed a guy and I just dove over the top."

On comments from QB Jon Kitna that they just have to be patient and the running game will keep improving: "You've got to stay patient. Jon (Kitna) is correct. You're going to take some blows, but to win the match, you've got to deliver more blows than you take. When it's time, you don't go in there swinging wild. You stay in form, you stay in position. When it's time, you go in for the knockout. Jon couldn't have said it any better - it's like a boxing match."

On how it feels for him to get a touchdown and break a big run: "It's a sigh of relief, especially with me, because I take pride in it. So when I'm out there gaining zero yards or one yard, it doesn't matter whose fault it is, because it feels like my fault. It doesn't matter if seven guys were free to hit me, it still feels like there was something I could've done. It does feel good when you get in there (the end zone)."

On if he thinks it's important that the Lions have a 3-0 record in the preseason: "Right now I think it's about getting better everyday and preseason doesn't count, but you get a swagger and the type of mentality of: we're on the field and we're going to beat you - stop us. I think if we've got that with our weapons, we'll be O.K."

On RB Kevin Smith's 35-yard touchdown run:
"It was a good run. You expect that out of a runner like him. I think he's a good back and he's going to be good for us. I think that's a little glimpse of what he can do.

On QB Dan Orlovsky's block for Kevin Smith: "That was a nice block. I saw Danny running the whole time, that was sweet."

On the progress of the running game: "It's frustrating for us as much as anybody to not see it go quicker, to not see more big plays run off. I'm anxious for the regular season to start and we'll see what happens."

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On the defensive performance and holding the Browns to six points: "We just went out there and played. Now, we're having fun out there and playing together as a team. Defensively, offensively, it's just all coming together, and hopefully we ride this out for the rest of the preseason and on into the regular season."

On what the difference is between last years secondary compared to this years: "Just experience and a stronger chemistry back there. We brought in some new guys who know the defense, in and out. We got a lot of experience. A lot of knowledge back there. Guys are working together, communicating a lot better; we're just becoming solid as a unit."

On how much the new guys coming in and having a year worth of experience has helped him: "Big time. It's making me a lot more comfortable back there; just knowing that somebody has my back, teaching me the ins and outs of this Tampa 2 defense. Now, everything is coming together, and I'm starting to see things, and learn a lot more. We're just making plays."

On how good the secondary is: "It remains to be seen. Nothing counts yet. Once we get into the regular season, the sky's the limit for us, and we see it that way."

On the defensive performance and holding the Browns to six points: "It was a solid performance today. We definitely had a lot of stress on this game and we wanted to stop the run and get some pressure on the quarterback. I think we were able to do that, as a unit. Not only the first team guys, the second and third string, we all played very well."

On if the 3-0 preseason start gives the team a little boost of confidence: "Yeah, yeah, as Rod (Marinelli) says, this is a foundation for what we want to do this year. And winning games is not the important topic. But, I think if the score was opposite, and we played hard and played well, Rod would still be pumped up about the game. So that's what it's really about, playing your technique and fundamentals, right now, and getting that right before the season starts."

On the secondary helping out the defensive line and vise versa: "No question, it goes both ways. But, having those guys back there, who have been in the system for so long, and know what's going on back there, it definitely helps us out. It gives the quarterback a little something to think about before we can get back there."

On how comfortable he will be feeling when the final 53 man roster will be released: "Every year you worry about it. All you can do is go out there and play. And that's how I put in the answer, put it on the film. That's what Rod says. I think I played well today, and hopefully I can make the team."

Opening statement:
"OK, third preseason game, we didn't play well enough. You saw that offensively we couldn't get much done. Defensively we were inconsistent and couldn't stop them when we needed to. And then we had some penalties at inopportune times that cost us any field position that we might have been able to get. So those things are negatives and make it tougher to win. Some people will talk about the guys who did not make the trip and did not play, but the other side, they had guys who didn't play as well, so you can't use that as an excuse. We didn't play well enough. Hopefully we'll be able to get some of those guys back and this team understands that everybody has to be at their best and play their best game for us to have a chance. Now those guys when they come back, they're going to be a little rusty and so it's going to take some time for those guys to knock the rust off, so it's just not going to automatically happen that we're going to be back to where we want to be. So we're going to have to work at it to get back to that because nothing in this NFL is really guaranteed. So we have a short week that we have to work on and prepare for that and then the regular season is coming up. The only good thing is that there's a little bit more time, there's about 10 days there from the last game to the first regular season game, and so hopefully in that time we can get some guys back and we can work on our technique a little bit better."

On QB Brady Quinn's performance: "Well, Brady, what happened today I think you saw the classic NFL approach for a young quarterback. Pressure him to see if he can handle it, and if he can't handle it keep pressuring him. Whether it's the quarterback or whether it's his protection, one of the two, if you can't do it, (they) keep bringing it. So I think that happened a little bit today. You know at times he did the right thing and the people that he was throwing to were not on the same page with him, and you have to be on the same page to pick up pressures and blitzes, and so some of that happened. We'll have to work on it and see if we can get it tightened up because I know that other people will look at it and then they will also pressure and try to see if they can break us down."

"Sometimes when you're pressured that happens, and if you are maybe trying to get the ball out faster than you need to because you're worried about some things, I think some of that happens."

On the speed of the Lions and them being faster than the Browns: "Well this is the speed team that we're playing because it's the Tampa philosophy, where they have excellent team speed, and that showed up tonight. I think with more work hopefully we'll be able to settle some things down, become a better unit and we'll just work at it and see if we can get it done."

On whether tonight's loss is concerning: "The first game we lost in the preseason, I had concerns, alright? I had concerns the next games we lost, and we lost this one and now I'm concerned as well. Every game we lose, I'm concerned because if you lose generally you're not playing the way you need to play to win the game. And so we haven't done that, so we're concerned."

On the pressure he faced from the Lions defense: "That's something that, as a quarterback, you can expect to see. We didn't really do anything to hurt them too badly, so they're going to keep putting more pressure on us. It's going to be consistent.

On if the team misses injured WR Braylon Edwards: "I see a guy like him as a very viable threat. Against a team like this, I think we could take a bigger advantage of some opportunities with him, not only downfield, but just some underneath passes and things like that. He's invaluable to this team and I think when we get him back, we'll be happy."

On if he feels the Browns inactive players and short week of preparation contributed to the loss: "There's nothing unfair about it. You can say it's a short week, you can say whatever you want, but I'm not that type of guy. I completely take the burden for this loss. I didn't execute as well as I would've liked to. I didn't really get into a rhythm. I didn't really allow our team to drive down the field as I have in my previous drives this preseason."

On his pass attempt to WR Donté Stallworth early in the first quarter: "At that point in time, I'm really just trying to put it out there and hopefully give him a chance to make a play. That's something that we wanted to do and give one of our best wide receivers a chance to make a play."

On how he felt he played today:
"I haven't watched the film yet, so there are still some things that need to be broken down and processed. Hopefully I'll have a better inclination of how I did after I watch the film."

On returning to play in Detroit: "It was alright. Obviously I'm here as a Brown, but it was good to see a few familiar faces and friendships. The goal was to get a win today. Hopefully after we watch the film, we'll figure out what we did wrong and go about fixing that."

On the defensive line's ability to stop the run early in the game: "Again, that's been a focus of ours since I got here. We were just setting out to stop the run and keep them in second- and third-and-longs."

On if he's concerned about the Browns 0-3 preseason record: "I think there are a lot of big pieces still missing with Jamal (Lewis) and Braylon (Edwards) being out. I think those guys are very much impact players on this team. When they get back, hopefully they shake the rust off pretty quickly and come back and try to contribute."

On making some big plays in the game: "I just look to have that type of performance anytime I go out and play. Like I said before, it's not about me and the Lions, it's about the Browns versus the Lions. That's what I try to come out here and do - play within the scheme of the defense and not try to make thing personal."

On hearing boos from the Detroit fans: "They're Detroit fans, and if they're not rooting for the home team, what are they doing here? It's expected. But I don't play for the Lions anymore, I play for the Browns. Maybe if I was a Lion, I'd be a little disappointed, but I'm not."

On if he is concerned about the Browns 0-3 preseason record: "We've got a game in two weeks, we're playing the Cowboys in two weeks. I'm concerned, not a whole lot, but at the same time, we've just got to get guys together and get them working together. There have been some injuries and things like that, and certain guys have had to step in, but we've got a ways to go. It starts tomorrow in the classroom, watching the film and seeing the things that we've got to get corrected, and there's plenty of that on the film."

On if he thinks there's time for the Browns to turn their performance around: "That's the good thing about camp and preseason, there's still is time. With the injuries, not to use that as an excuse, there have been guys in and out. We really haven't been able to get the correct timing. There were plays out there today that we left on the field, and we've got to get those corrected."

On how he felt after today's game:
"I'm feeling fine physically. Mentally, I think, it's a little bit of a down. We've obviously got some room for improvement and we really need to get on it."

On if there are any specific problem areas that he thinks the team needs to focus on: "I think it's probably evenly spread across the board. There are things I could hone in my game-pass protection, reading defenses. I had trouble with that today. I'm sure every person on this team could take their own fair share of the credit for us not clicking on all cylinders. So, I think it's probably evenly spread."