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Opening statement:
"Just to update you, we had three injuries: Stanley Wilson with an Achilles, we'll wait until tomorrow to see how bad it is; Jason Hanson, strain on his left thigh and Gilbert Gardner had a concussion."

On the extent of Hanson's injury: "Just a strain; wait to see until tomorrow."

On the running game: "Not good enough. We're just going to keep working at it. The one thing when you try to run the ball, you don't wave a magical wand over it and all of a sudden you're running the ball. You have to work at it, and call it, and punish it and work at it, and that's what we're going to do."

On what exactly did not work: "I can't tell you. I have to watch the film. (We) didn't get enough yards."

On his receivers being a bright spot in tonight's game: "If we can just - no way we're backing off of it; we're going to run it, and we're going to keep doing it because as you can see it opens up. It opens up. You get some single coverage on those big guys, they're tough to cover now. Two positive things that I really like - there's going to be a lot of positive after I watch the tape - but what I did like: no turnovers. We went plus-one. That's winning football. And when you do that, I think you're in really good shape. So if we can keep that part of it going then we'll be in good shape."

On the young quarterbacks not giving the ball up: "Very good. And the other thing with that, we gave up no sacks, and we did a nice job moving the pocket, the launch point, which constantly changed during the game. So it's tough if you're on defense to get a beat on where he's at. But now the key to everything we're still doing is running the ball. And digging it in there and fighting our way through that."

On rookies T Gosder Cherilus' penalties and LB Jordon Dizon's appearing to be all over the field: "Without seeing the tape, the penalties, that jumps out at you, which we can't have. We're not going to do it. We had six penalties today and it's not winning football. We just have to eliminate that. I think he (Cherilus) did some good things on his blocking; I felt it a couple times. I think Kevin (Smith) really showed some stuff, boy, I mean, he's - boom - you get that thing up and think quick, so we'll see off the film a little bit more. And Jordon, as we said from day one, he's a great instinct guy. We just have to make sure he's going the right way all the time."

On why three starters were back in the game late in the second half: "Like I was saying the other day, on some of that, that's all we got. There's not many ….our depth is…some guys we didn't anticipate playing late in the game."

On QB Drew Stanton: "He showed some of the stuff, and he's got awareness, and running the ball and boots and running around. (He) threw some nice passes in there today, so I'll be able to do a better job after I watch the tape and see. But off the top of my head, I liked him moving the ball down the field and getting in position to win a game for us."

On the hardest thing about the running game: "It's like pounding the rock. You keep swinging if it's not breaking. And some guys cry about it, 'Oh, it's not going to break, it's not going to break.' Well, we're going to break it, and you just keep working at it. It's hard; it's hard work, and we have to stay with it. You don't just say, 'Hey, we're going to run the ball here.' No, that's lip service. We're going to put pad service in."

On if the offense is progressing the way he had hoped since the beginning of camp: "Yeah, I feel you can see it with the big receivers in there. That's the thing. And, boy, to be able to move the pocket and run the ball and get some play action and predict the coverages for those big guys; people are going to have problems covering them."

On if the defense is progressing the way he hoped: "Yeah, I really liked our tempo. We're running; we're fast; we're fast on defense. (We) just have to make sure we're on the details. We tackled fairly well. We had a couple missed tackles early, but we're tackling for the first game not bad. But the run was OK; we had one run-pop. Other than that we're pursuing well, and that's it. We just have to line up and go play again next week."

On what he saw in WR Calvin Johnson: "Calvin, after that Philadelphia game last year, he said he probably played the rest of that season around 65 to 70-percent. You got to see tonight that the guy is a phenomenal athlete and he works hard at what he does and he just takes everything in stride. As a quarterback, you want to use him as much as possible."

On the team's use of bootlegs: "It's not necessarily new, we just have more of an emphasis on it. We're going to use it a little bit more this year; all of our bootlegs are going to look like the run, which should help the running game in the end."

On how he views the importance of this game: "Win or lose, it's the preseason, but the great thing is, for the first time, we get things on tape. It was our first opportunity to have live tackles, we haven't done that all camp. So, we get a chance to look at the tape and make corrections. Any time you can get game film, that's where you learn. It's not necessarily about the wins and losses as much as it is just going out and executing and seeing where the chips fall and having a chance to correct them."

On the team not turning the ball over: "That's been the emphasis all off-season. When we have good protection, turnovers are going to go down, and obviously, today we had zero turnovers. When you're not under duress, you're not getting hit, you have the ability to make better decisions."

On the success of the running game: "It was a struggle tonight, but the type of defense they were playing kind of lent to that. They really committed nine guys to the run game and we just had to make them pay in the passing game as the game continued. We did that early on and we loosened things up and got some big runs later."

On his mindset during the game:
"The philosophy that Coach Marinelli is trying to preach is moving the chains and getting first downs. It's not a hesitant mindset, it's aggressive thinking. I take my shot - if the play's there to present itself to take a chance, you take it. If not, get it to the guys who make plays. There were some plays where I wanted to take a shot, but the situation dictated otherwise and I just tried to get it to the guy who I thought was open and not pass up an open guy to get it to a guy who I was thinking was going to be open. I thought we put some good drives together, so it's definitely much more of a discipline thing of, 'listen, hey, statistically if you go plus-one turnover-wise, you win 75-percent of your games.' So that's very much a process of it and just trying to move the chains and get my guys on offense to get into a rhythm and not trying to take a shot and not trying to be Superman every play."

On trying to carry himself like a starter: "That's my complete mindset from pre-game to getting here two-and-a-half to three-hours early, to my pre-game warm-up, to going around the field in the team pre-game, to right before the game, to the game on through. I'm trying to handle things as much as I can as a starter, learning from Jon (Kitna) continuously, that's one thing why I asked Jon to be on the phones tonight so he could guide me through that, coach me through that of how a starter carries himself through those moments.

On the advice fellow QB Jon Kitna has given him: "Just continue to grow in my decision-making and my playmaking. Just play-by-play saying, 'Good job, great job, try to do this try to do that,' so that I could learn from it on the spot. He's been around so long, I value everything he has to say."

On the athleticism fellow QB Drew Stanton displayed in tonight's game: "I told Drew he's obviously been working on his vertical. I thought he looked like a triple-jumper. The Olympics start tomorrow - I think he can make a run at it. That's just who Drew is. He's a very athletic kid, a fiery kid; he wanted to win and it was good to see him after the injury he had last year to get out there and have some fun and run around. Yeah, it's a preseason game, but he modeled this whole team's mindset of we want to win every game."

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On being pleased on just getting back into the action: "Definitely - to get a chance to get out there and operate and see where I'm at is a great starting point for me. Just to get live bullets coming at me. In practice you try to simulate it and use your feet to help simulate what would be a live rush count but they don't hit you. Its nothing like what it is out there. And especially for me, never playing at this level before, it's really refreshing to get out there and have some success and run the ball as well as we were able to on offense. It's a testament to the offensive line."

On the Giants taking away the boot and having to use your legs to make plays: "Yeah, definitely. I think having the ability to get out, move the pocket, I like to do that, and be able to read things. Especially with the coverage that we were seeing, with their safeties flowing so much, we knew we could boot out and try to get some good stuff on the nakeds. Just the way they were playing stuff throughout the game, matched our underneath coverage, there's nobody accountable for the quarterback. It was definitely nice for that and I just have to be smart, kind of pick and choose get down and get as much as I can."

On not diving around anymore the way he did in college: "Yeah, I'm used to some Big Ten linebackers, but this a completely different level. You just have to be smart. I think it was the first time I have ever slid in my whole life today on a football field. I'm definitely getting smarter and trying to get as much as I can. There's some stuff I would have done differently if I could of; staying in bounds and trying to use the clock to my advantage. But, it's a learning process."

On the grade he would give himself on his first NFL game: "For my effort, I gave it what I got: an A. As far as my mental mistakes and that kind of stuff, I give myself about a C. I had a couple mental breakdowns there, but at the end of the game I played my heart out. But, I've got to clean it up; that's what I think these preseason games are for. The rookies can clean stuff up and fine-tune things."

On an example of a mental mistake committed: "When you're suppose to get your back, but you're dropping 10-yards deep. That's a mental mistake in my book and especially in Coach Phil's (Snow) book. Just those things; it's little detail things. Like, I got my alignment right; I got the defense right; now it's just: fine-tune the defense. It's all a matter of inches and I just have to get there."

On having the whole preseason to work out the mistakes: "Yeah, I do have the whole preseason left. But I cannot rely on it. I've got to fix every mistake I made in every situation I was in. I've got to learn from it and I've got to gain experience from it and I've got to fix it now because it's coming down to the end. Training camp is coming down to the end. I only have three games left to fix every mistake. And I have to take it game-by-game, and every mistake I make, I've got to make sure I don't make it again."

On how he felt he performed tonight:
"Just average, I just got a feel for the game. That was the positive part, but I really can't say till I look at the film. It wasn't outstanding, it was a preseason game. I just consider it getting my feet wet."

On having time left during training camp and preseason to improve: "Definitely, definitely got to work on things. I just have to get a feel for how the NFL goes, how linebackers play. That was the good thing. Now you just go back and polish it up and get better each week."

On if there was anything that surprised him about the NFL during his first game: "No, not really. It's the NFL, it's what I expected."

On why he made the prediction earlier in the week about going to the playoffs: "Talent, just the talent. It's all about putting the fundamentals together and doing things right; eliminating penalties; going plus-one in the margin area, in the turnover area. We've just got to do that and I've got a lot of faith in this team. I'm proud to be a Lion."

On the Giants' loss:
"There was a lot of things to correct and a lot of things to work on, and that's why you play these games. We just talked in there about some of the mistakes that were made: the foolish penalties, the one turnover, the inability to put the ball in the endzone when we were down there early on. I look forward to seeing how some of the young guys did. We did have a couple of injuries, the two people know about: the (Jonathan) Goff injury is probably the most serious one, and that's very unfortunate. The young guy worked his tail off; done very well in camp. I can't tell you anymore than just the fact that he does have the injury. (Jerome) Collins was cramped; (Wallace) Gilberry with the ankle; (Robert) Henderson with the ankle; Danny Ware got (a stinger) but he went right back in the game. Perhaps there will be something in the morning other than what I have, but that's it for the injuries."

On QB David Carr's performance: "I wish he would have had a chance to finish. The unfortunate thing there was I used the timeouts up as you know, but we had plenty of time, but we had great field position. The penalty that was called on him for intentional grounding, that was a missed assignment by a young tight end that caused him to throw the ball in an area where he was supposed to be and the kid wasn't there and so there was no receiver available. But there was some lost poise out there, not by David Carr, but illegal procedure penalties at that point in the game; I didn't think it was that loud. It wasn't loud enough to have somebody make that particular error, so that was disappointing to me. And the fact that we were there and in position would have been a nice way for us to finish the game. It would have been a nice thing for the people that were on the field at the time, and it's just too bad. But he did show some good things, and I was happy about that."

On what the team will learn from tonight's game: "I mean, it's the first preseason game; you'd like to win them all. We didn't win, but the idea (is) about improving from the first to the second game now. I think once we look at this tape and we focus in on what has to be corrected, every coach in that locker room will be a stickler for making sure all those details get done, which you really have to. Sometimes you get a sense that you're doing some things well, you get in a game and find out you're not doing it so well, so then you go back to something you can show the player and demonstrate, and that's a good thing. That's the position we'll take."

On how it feels to get back into a game setting:
"It's good to get out there and go against a new defense. You go against our defense for mini-camp and all of training camp, so it's good to see some new faces and see some of these young receivers live and see what they can do. We've got some things to work on, that's what preseason is for: to work out some kinks and get into film to see where we can improve."

On the play of fellow QBs David Carr and Anthony Wright in tonight's game: "I've been watching, and I've seen the plays going in and trying to take my middle reps and see what's going on. I thought both of them played well, and made some big plays and did some good things. It's good for them to go in there and be efficient and move the ball."

On the strong play of the Giants' young receivers: "It is good to see. It's important to see what these young guys can do at receiver and see who can step up. It was good for Sinorice (Moss) to get deep and run by a guy and make a great catch and take the hit. Brandon London made a couple nice catches and got some yards after the catch and broke some tackles. It's important for these young guys to get in there and see what they can do in a real game experience and make adjustments and read the defense. I thought they stepped up and did a good job."

On the positives to take away from tonight's game:
"Getting live action. Always realizing that you're not as good as you think you are and not as bad as you think you are. I think first, all the new guys we have on offense and defense and our team overall - giving them a look and playing on the Giants team."

On getting out and playing tonight: "It felt good. Detroit, obviously, they're working on new things, so we have some little things that we need to tweak and fix for our next game. But it was obvious that it gave us a good look on what we need to improve on defensively."

On the negatives from tonight's game: "We gave up two or three long pass plays, obviously something we want to not have on our side of the ball. Giving up a touchdown on the first series is very negative. Besides stopping the run, I don't think we did too much on defense to be positive about."