Division 4 - Mariners Send Yellowjackets Out To Sea

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Division 4

Marine City 21 Detroit Country Day 7

First I want to say that Jonas Gray is a legit 5’10”. The Marine City fans are out in droves tonight. There are a lot of butts in the seats to support their boys. Neither team got much going in the early goings but the Mariners did a good job of bottling up Jonas Gray. Late in the first quarter, Detroit Country Day had a nice return on a punt to give them first and ten at the Mariners’ 40. MC stuffed the fourth down run by Jonas Gray and took over on downs at their own 11 very early in the second quarter. Brendon Kay was not looking like a D1 quarterback early. The Yellowjackets pushed down to the 15 yard and then moved only backwards. Their field goal attempt was no good with six minutes remaining in the half. Almost 20 minutes of the game had gone by before Marine City got their first fresh set of downs, but it was from a pass interference penalty. That unleashed the offense. They then had a 40 yard completion to Brent Weil to get to first and goal. Three plays later, Kay snuck in for the first score in the game and his 13th rushing touchdown on the season. The culmination of an 80 yard drive sent the fans of the black and orange into a frenzy. When the Mariners kicked off, there was two and a half minutes remaining in the half. With 59 yards to go and not much time, they went to “old reliable” Jonas Gray. The rushing plays were not enough and with only 12 seconds left in the first half faced with third and eight; Country Day threw to Jonas Gray who was only able to get two yards. One last timeout gave DCD a chance, but the pass was picked off by Stephen Faucher to end the half.

Gray rumbled for a total of 40 yards on his first two touches in the second half. Then they lost yards and missed on their fourth down attempt. Marine City ran for 40 yards. They were unable to move much more and on fourth down they went for it with eight yards to go. The resulting play was a 38 yard touchdown pass to Chad Allemon to finish their 74 yard one minute drive. DCD started to move the ball, but then faced a fourth and one on their own 39. They elected to go for it and Gray picked up the first down. Since that worked well, the Yellowjackets rode Gray a few more times. Gray scored to finish the 85 yard six minute drive to make it a seven point game. That sounded like a good idea to Marine City so they ran the ball as well. Kay showed great vision during the early goings of the fourth quarter; he scrambled with two defenders breathing down his neck and was able to find the open receiver for a nine yard gain. The sneak netted them the last yard and they had first and goal from the eight. Kay’s pass to Allemon finished the last five yards adding another touchdown with slightly less than nine minutes left in the fourth quarter. Another fourth down attempt by Country Day resulted in a first down at the Marine City 47. Faced with yet another fourth down, this time fourth and 11, Country Day converted the play with a pass to Patrick Leary. Yet another fourth down attempt was in store for Country Day, but this time, the pass sailed high and Marine City took over on downs with four minutes left. Kay converted his first pass of the possession into a 30 yard gain for receiver Brent Weil. That put them at the 30 yard line of Detroit Country Day with two minutes left. A few more runs to run the clock and a fourth down in Yellowjacket territory allowed them to go for it. They were unable to convert the fourth down, but turned it over with 37 ticks until trophy time. The same trick play that netted them the win last week didn’t work this time for the Yellowjacket faithful.  Country Day gained yardage, but were unable to score before the season ran out.

Interesting Game Points: Jonas Gray has great vision and a quick burst but was limited to 36 rushing yards in the first half but ended with 144. Both teams started their first possession in the second half with an offside penalty. Marine City had the loudest fans I heard on the day…maybe that’s because they brought the most people. The first touchdown for DCD was a drive filled with nothing but runs.  Four players for Marine City had ten or more tackles.