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Don't Look Now, But Dan Enos is On Fire!!

Don’t look now, but Dearborn, Michigan and former MSU quarterback Dan Enos is on fire. The words “on fire” weren’t typically synonymous with Dan while playing quarterback in the George Perles offensive system. The game plan with “Steady Dan” was quite simple… Tico left, Tico right and then the all too familiar, Tico up the middle. When MSU needed that crucial 1st down on 3rd and long you could bet the farm that Enos was going to drop back and throw the ball to Hawkins for a 1st down. Every now and then ‘Ol George would throw the defense a wrinkle on the goal line and pass the ball to the tight end out of a “fullhouse” formation. It was textbook and worked to perfection almost every time.

Dan no longer takes the snaps from under center these days, but he his reliving the days of glory as MSU’s biggest weapon in the home-state battle for some of Michigan’s best star athletes. As you look down the list of MSU’s current commitments from the Great Lakes State, one thing remains consistent, Dan Enos was involved. Many, like myself were wondering whether Dan would have a job with Dantonio firmly committed to bringing his entire staff. Lucky for Dan and MSU, Cincy’s running backs coach stayed in southern Ohio and a vacancy was created.

You can see the twinkle in Dan’s eye as he speaks so lovingly and loyally of Michigan State. He is without question a truly identifiable bright spot from the Perles era. You can tell Dan relishes every moment that he spends wandering the MSU sideline and that he is truly living his dream. I can only imagine the satisfaction he felt when Hoover and Smith reached for the telephone and pledged themselves to the green and white. Dan understands that MSU has to win on the home front in order to compete with the likes of archrival Michigan. The battle has to be won in Metro Detroit in order for MSU to turn the corner. Sure, not every kid that MSU has in their 2008 class has four stars following their name. For guys like Enos, I suspect it doesn’t really matter. The spirit of competition and winning is forged from the souls of those who wear the green and white. Dan routinely looked left to right across his offensive line and saw men that were willing to lay it on the line for each other, for their school and for their coaches. It was a familiar story of success that was most importantly about caring for one another. Dan Enos loves MSU, he loves being at MSU and his passion and spirit for his school and the team he represents is a great sell. Something tells me that Dan isn’t done stocking the cupboards with Metro Detroit talent just yet.

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