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On how he feels about coming back to Detroit: "I'm pretty excited. Having the chance to come back, I played there the last four years and I have a lot of good relationships with guys there. Detroit got me in the prime of my career. I had some good moments there. To be able to come back, I'm expecting a lot of people to come to the game, and to get on the field with my former teammates. It's something to look forward to."On if he wishes the Lions were winning when he was here like they are now: "You always want to win. Each one of you know what kind of a competitor I was and how much I wanted to win. I'm happy for the guys. Every time you suit up, you want to be successful, and I'm glad for the guys who were there for the struggle. Guys who were there like Dominic (Raiola) and Big Baby, those guys are starting to win now, and starting to get a feel of how it feels to win. Shaun Rogers looks like he's having fun, and the guys look like they're having fun out there. That's what it's supposed to be like."

On teammates saying they liked him as a guy, but as a teammate he was up and down and that they didn't support his comments against former QB Joey Harrington: "That's there opinion. I had a lot of support on the whole situation from my teammates. It was something I shouldn't have done, but hey I'm a very emotional guy. I wanted to win coming from St. Louis and experiencing what I experienced there. It was tough. Everything happens for a reason. I'm here, they are there, they are winning, and they seem to be getting the best of everything right now. Everything happens for a reason. That's probably the only thing I regret because of all the news and everything that it started and I had some criticism. People started criticizing me as a person, but really I'm a good teammate. I hate to lose, I like to have a good time, and that's the way I look at it. I just moved forward after that."

On if he is worried he will be remembered for the Harrington quote instead of the two Pro Bowls: "You know what, I really don't care because it happened, it's over with, and I have moved on. He's not there anymore and I'm not there anymore. Like I said, when I was there in Detroit I played in two Pro Bowls, I was first alternate (for a Pro Bowl) and they got me during the prime of my career. I played well for them when I was there. My job when I came to Detroit was to help the guys win. Unfortunately it didn't happen, but I can't take back anything I've done. Hopefully they appreciated my services from when I was there, appreciated me when I was there and I appreciated those guys. Like I said, I have moved on. I still have a relationship with a lot of the guys. I don't think any of those guys hate me because of what happened. Like I said, I had support from some of the guys after the whole situation, and it was blown out of proportion but it is what it is. I have moved on, they have moved on, and everybody seems to be happy."

On what it will be like to play at game speed against Mike Martz's offense and the fact Detroit is running the ball now: "The thing with Mike is, the one thing I loved about Mike when I played for him, he is so confident and so arrogant as a coach. I loved being around a guy that believes in himself and he puts you up on a pedestal. The thing is with Mike, the reason why we were good in St. Louis, is because he got the team to buy into the system and buy into the confidence. That seems to be what they are doing now. They have Calvin Johnson in, they have Roy playing well, they have Shaun McDonald in - a gadget guy sort of like Az was when he was in St. Louis - and they have a healthy Kevin Jones. You all know what Kevin can do when he is healthy. They seem to be hitting on all cylinders. People were criticizing them for throwing the football too much and guys were getting frustrated. Now they have been mixing it up the last couple of weeks and running the ball and they have Kevin going. They are hitting on all cylinders, but that's Mike Martz offense. It's an explosive offense, an offense that is going to do many things."

On how surprised he is that the Lions are 5-2 and the Broncos are 3-4: "It is what it is. We still have a lot of football games left to be played just like they do. We had times (in Detroit) when we got off to a good start - we might have been 3-2 and stuff like that. It doesn't matter what your record is at the beginning of the season if you can't finish. That's the way I look at it. No matter what our record is right now, if we don't play well the rest of the season this record means (nothing). That's the way it is. Its game eight for both teams and both of us have to finish for us to be playing in the post season."

On how he forgets the play against Green Bay in overtime: "It happens. Brett made an outstanding throw. He hasn't really been throwing a deep ball like that in the previous games against the Redskins and some of the other games. His deep ball hasn't been what it was on that play. He just made a great throw. I was in press coverage, and when I looked back for the ball I couldn't locate the ball. It was high and outside, and once I tried to get back to the receiver he had created separation and he was able to make a play. It is tough, but you all know me well. I have a short memory. My confidence is sky high. Other than that play I have been playing well. I have been doing what they brought me in to do, and that's to match up and play well on the other side of Champ. Other than that one play, it is what it is. My teammates haven't lost any confidence in me. They still support me. Like they say, they'll ride with me any day of the week because I make plays. That's the way it is. It is what it is. I look forward to coming to Detroit and doing what I've been doing in that stadium since I've been there and that's make plays."

On ultimately why it didn't work out in Detroit: "They wanted to say that I didn't fit the scheme. You know, when I was in St. Louis I intercepted six balls and played well in that system. Everything happens for a reason. I'm in a system now that best suits my skills. Apparently they needed a running back because K.J. went down, and they needed a right tackle. It worked out for the best. I have no regrets. Like I said, they got me to come in and do what no other corner has done since Lem Barney when I got there. I was pretty proud with that. When Matt Millen and Mariucci brought me in, nobody was expecting me to come in and play the way I played. Everybody was saying that they overpaid for me. I proved a lot of people wrong; shut a lot of mouths up and after that I felt like I gave them more than what they bargained for. I was happy with that and they chose to move me. This is a business, I don't think it's anything against me as a person because like I said, if you ask any one of those guys in the locker room, I'm a good guy. I like to have a good time, I'm happy all the time, but I'm a competitor. I hate to lose. We lost my whole time there. Like I said, I blame no coaches for everything that has happened there. As a player, we have to play and we have to perform. Guys didn't perform up to task when I was there, some of the key guys. Now they are performing and guys are playing well and guys are buying into the system. That's why they are 5-2 right now."

On his relationship with Coach Marinelli: "It was good. I never had anything against Coach Marinelli. I thought he was good for the team. He came in and changed the demeanor of the team. The Lions were always known, I guess what you all always said, as a soft team because of (Mariucci) and how he treated players. Marinelli came in with that tough, hard-nose mentality and it changed the demeanor. At first guys didn't buy into it because of what they were used to before. Now guys are starting to buy into it, and guys are starting to play for him. My relationship with Marinelli was good unless he is telling you something behind my back that I don't know, but from everything I experienced there, it was good from top to bottom."

On if he has an advantage after matching up against the Lions receivers in practice for so many years: "You know what, I always feel like when you see an offense enough you kind of see things all the time and you kind of expect things out there on the field. When I played St. Louis when I came to Detroit I was able to get some of the same reads because I was going against their offense for four straight years. Mike, he is a wizard at calling plays and I'm sure he is going to throw in some wrinkles because he knows I know the offense pretty well and he might try to attack me a certain way. Mike, probably like no other coach, probably knows me the best. Mike was in my corner when I was in St. Louis; he was in my corner in Detroit. Mike probably thinks he knows me better than any other coach, but its football and guys game plan you. I've made plays my whole career, and that's pretty much how it is. Guys are going to game plan myself and game plan Champ. It's nothing that I'm not expecting. I look forward to the challenge and I plan on playing well."

On if he bought into Marinelli's approach last year: "Oh yeah, I bought into it because I experienced that when I was in St. Louis with Lovie Smith, going pads and suit drills and stuff like that. I'm down for winning man, so whatever it takes I'm down for winning. I like to compete; I was out there for every snap and I didn't miss a game, I didn't miss a practice, and I was out there. I didn't complain, so no matter what they tell you all or what you all say, I was down for whatever as long as we were performing and as long as we were winning. Like I said, that's in the past, I'm moving forward. I'm glad to be here in Denver. They treat me well here, they have a tradition here, and this place, this team, has won games. They've been in the playoffs, they've won Super Bowls. It seemed to work out for both teams."

On the perception that he wasn't buying in for whatever reason: "That's bogus dude. Whoever says that, that's crazy because I was buying in. I don't know what our record was. It might have been 2-18 or whatever the record was, but I bought into everything they asked me to do. I had no problems with anybody. When you struggle, when teams play bad, things are going to be said and people are going to make suggestions, and make statements. Like I said, I bought into everything they ever did. I was there from day one, and I was participating and doing what I do. Like I said, when I was there they got the best of Dré Bly. Now I'm here and Denver is going to get the best of me now."

On if he roots for Detroit Pistons' Rasheed Wallace or Denver Nuggets George Karl: "You know what, it's crazy because I'm still a Pistons fan. I talked to 'Sheed, 'Sheed sent me a text the other night about the game and I still keep in touch with him and Chauncey (Billups). (Chauncey) lives here so I have a good relationship with those guys. I'm going to be a Pistons fan, but now I'm in Denver. I'm pretty cool with Carmelo (Anthony) and A.I. (Allen Iverson) so it's going to be kind of hard. Being here in Denver, I guess I've got to pull for Denver."

On what Rasheed Wallace's text was about: "'Sheed told me to forget about it, that everything happens for a reason, and you are still a playmaker and I know you'll come back and just forget about it and keep it moving."

On if he was talking about the Monday night game: "Yeah, yeah."