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Earl Holmes is out in D-Town, Cory the Sledge may be next. Other tid bits from Mini camp.

I spent a significant part of my weekend in Allen Park and here are some tidbits.

1) It's done, Earl Holmes will not be back.

2) Brian Calhoun got significant reps at the slot.

3) Alex Lewis will get his chance but he has no margin for error. He has to bring it strong to stay a Lions.

4) Cory Schlesinger is all but out the door. He is very dissapointed. He truly loves the fans and the team. If he makes this team it will be a miracle. He can play in special teams but he makes way to much money to be a specail teamer. Maybe there is a miracle but the over whelming consensus is that he is done.

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5) I personally talked to several, more then 2 less than 6, veteran players who all were angry at whomever filed the grievance against the coach. All of them mentioned the same name as a suspect. One said to me: "we don't need any P***** on this team. If they like it the way it was, then go to a losing team. I am sick of losing, lets change the culture."

6) The vets all are talking about the amount of running this team is doing. I was told: "the running is a b**** but if that is what we have to do to win, then lets run some more.

7) This staff is really sick of some of the Detroit media that are trying to make a fight with Marinelli and Martz. One player told me: "I think they have a lot of interaction and they seem great. I have been around them both and it just ain't there." Another Lions employee said: "I am sure that they will not always agree, but those two just want to win. I think that some people just want to look important and say sh** that makes them look smart."

8) They liked what they saw out of Matua and Scott. Both of them with their performance this weekend will get a shot to move into a role.

9) Sean Rogers is going through a test of wills with this staff. I think that he will adjust because as good as he is, he is not leader he is a follower and that bodes well for the staff. They do not baby him and that is a good thing.

The biggest impression I walked away with is that the coaches are trying to send a message. The coached a lot of young men this weekend that have no chance to make this team. They also coached them all like they were All-Pro's. It is nice to see a staff that has the same or bigger expectations of it's staff. That makes me a happy guy.