Finally I Think It's Baseball Season

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Just a few days ago, as I stepped outside to some beautiful summer weather, it hit me. We’re well into summer and for me it now officially time to start thinking and talking some baseball.


With the All-Star Game just a few days away I took a look for some early season recaps. Guess what? If you’re like me and enjoy baseball but really haven’t paid too much attention, you still haven’t really missed much.


For the most part, the Red Sox and Yankees seem to be the class of the AL East, the Pirates and Nationals were quickly out of any sort of contention and everyone else falls in the middle waiting for their fate to pan out.


Along with the second half of the season comes the much awaited trade deadline. Is your team a buyer, seller, or somewhere in stagnant waters?


And while it’s an exciting time for fans and organizations, it got me thinking; Do we celebrate mediocrity when it comes to our teams?


For instance, pick your team, virtually any team and think about if they have a shot of making the playoffs? Chances are at this point they probably do. A few moves and some hot bats could solidify their chances at a division title or wildcard. 


If you’re teams happen to fall in the NL or AL Central, your chances are even better that a move could get you atop these struggling divisions.


Now flip it, I’ve asked if your teams have a chance at the playoffs; answer yes! But do they have a chance at winning the World Series; answer probably not!


While we’d all like to sit here and argue by just getting into the playoffs you’ve give yourself a chance, more often than not the two answers don’t match up.


So as teams advance or drop in the upcoming weeks, we’ll decipher who’s buying and who’s selling and for what reasons. 


But rest assured, not all teams looking for a big improvement think they have a shot at a title this year. They’d simply be happy with a playoff birth and celebrate their mediocrity. 


They’re willing to sell the farm (team) and take on additional salary with no realistic chance to win the World Series. In fact, most trades are for expiring contracts at the end of the season and teams by losing young talent and buying short contact superstars may actually be hurting their chances for the future. 


But it’s sports and there’s a reason we play the games; and that’s to win. General Managers in every sport are not guaranteed the future. They make moves based on the now, and utilize all tools to try and win this year, and if it doesn’t work their worry about next year, next year. 


But fans don’t be fooled. While your teams may be in the hunt now, and your organizations may try to make efforts to add some needed talent to cross the playoff threshold, don’t be fool by ordinary and a chance at history.


While your teams certainly deserve some credit if they try and make some moves, they may be hurting themselves for the future with not real chance or winning this year. 


They playoffs are great to make, they extend or enjoyment of the games and make things interesting but it’s not winning. Winning is raising the Championship banner at the end of the season. 


After all, isn’t second place the first loser?