Good Guys Can Make a Good Super Bowl

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The past few Super Bowls it has been relatively easy to pick, depending on whom you are, who you wanted to win the game. Just going back to Super Bowl XLI, most people were either Peyton Manning fans who finally wanted to see him win the “big one”, or if you are a big “defense wins games” guy like me you wanted to see the Chicago Bears bring it home. Even this past year, either you hated Belichick and you wanted to see David (Giants) take down Goliath, or you love the whole dominant dynasty teams or if you’re a young guy like me, who wasn’t around to see the 72’ Dolphins, you really wanted to see a team go undefeated. No matter what the reason, you knew that you weren’t going to root for any other team.

This year however is quite different, unless you’re from “Steel City” or live out in the desert, aside from a couple stray fans from all over, you might not have a particular favorite in this game. Usually if neither team in the Super Bowl interests you, you usually pick which team to root against but, this year you might just have some trouble deciding that. Although on paper it seems that the Arizona Cardinals don’t have a chance in this one, and some may have their reasons as to why it would be bad for football if they were to win, you can’t help but to somewhat root for those guys to pull off the upset. On the other hand if the Steelers were to go ahead and win by a few touchdowns you wouldn’t be upset by that either.

The reason you might feel this way because in this Super Bowl there isn’t anybody except good guys playing and no matter who they are or what team they play for, it’s just human nature, and definitely Spartan nature, to root for good guys and see them do well.

Neither of these teams has those big-ego players that must demand attention every time the camera is on them or is lead by a coach who is up for grabs because he’s concerned about a bigger paycheck elsewhere instead of taking care of business now. Nope it’s hard to find to teams that work hard and play hard as one collective unit.

The Arizona Cardinals are lead by a good man, Ken Whisenhunt, who was able to change the culture of a city that was use to having a terrible football team and amidst all of that he has remained humble. They are lead by one of the most celebrated quarterbacks in Kurt Warner, whose rags to riches story would touch anybody’s heart. This guy is the definition of a true warrior and he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. The receiving core is made up of some of the best guys in the business however; you wouldn’t see them on your TV screen unless you were watching them play. That’s because they’re work-horses they go day in and out working on getting better, learning routes, and staying healthy and every Sunday they come to play. Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, and Steve Breaston are all stellar guys on the gridiron and positive, well-spoken men off of it. These guys along with the rest of the team are the good men we need to be roll-models for young kids.

On the other side of the 50-yard line the Pittsburgh Steelers, as far as football goes perhaps the meanest, nastiest, and most stingy defensive unit there is but, within its ranks some of the greatest guys you can know. It’s hard to believe that a team that plays with the same intensity as the 70’s “Steel Curtain” could be made up of guys such as Troy Polamalu, Lamar Woodley, and Ike Taylor, guys who can easily lay an opponent out but also reach out to help one up. They’re lead by one of the better coaches in Mike Tomlin, who is not only a player’s coach but a coach’s coach he can motivate his players to leaving everything they have out on that field and he doesn’t have to fuss and cuss to get it done, he is a respectable man and liked by all. I mean you have to be a real good guy if you can get Hines Ward, who might be the NFL’s nicest guy, to say that you’re a genuinely good man.

When you watch the Super Bowl this Sunday don’t think just because you don’t see the predictable Patriots or the under-achieving Cowboys that this won’t be a great game. You have to look past the names on the jerseys and see who the guy really is in order to appreciate this game. Regardless of who wins and by how much this is exactly what the NFL needs, to see a bunch of “good guys” go out and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.