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Here are some comments from Lions after the game:


>> Opening statement
"Just off the top of my head, obviously the execution wasn't what we wanted and as a team, it wasn't one person, it wasn't one position. We were looking a step slow most of the night. The tackling wasn't what I want, we've got to run the ball and play run defense better, that's not what we want. I thought the rush came off very good early and now we have to be able to adjust the screens and draws and those types of things. Just reading our keys, basic concepts and good defensive football. But one thing I was pleased with was the turnovers. We had a feel for that, but third downs those areas we've just got to play better, we just didn't play smart tonight. I thought we would. There's no excuses - we're on the road - none of that matters. It doesn't matter where you're at, you have to go execute and we didn't do a good enough job."

>> Whether the 3-4 defense gave them problems
"It's more us. It's good if you have some exposure to it, but we still have to go out there and execute and do what we do. That's the bottom line."

>> On the offense in the first half
"It's just about execution, fundamentals and those type of things. We've just got to get ourselves [to] be consistent as a team; that's the No. 1 thing I want: consistency. If we do something well one week, we have to come back and do it again and again and again. And we're just going to keep working on that and we're going to keep hammering it until we get it done."

>> Whether this performance was a step back
"Oh yeah. Fundamentally it was a step back. One thing I like; they competed all game in terms of competition, how hard I think they played, but the fundamentals are so important. Tackling, those areas, we just have to get better at run-gaps and running the ball; just overall execution."

>> Whether he was surprised by the performance
"I thought it was [surprising]. I didn't think it was quite as sharp yesterday as we have been [in practice], but overall there was no reason not to play well - to play winning football I should say. So it just comes down to us and what we do. The first thing I want to do is not overreact to anything until we see the film. Because the one thing that's still important is that each man tries to win each snap. There's the evaluation of the man within the system, so you're still looking at those things."

>> On quarterback Dan Orlovsky
"I want to do everybody justice because that's the only fair thing. But it's a team and we didn't have that tempo and that speed we had for whatever reason. We've just got to find that very consistently and that's who we are: our tempo and our pace and our conditioning and those things - and our fundamentals."

>> On K Matt Prater
"He was a beast. He did a great job."

>> Whether the one-gap system looks worse than it is when it doesn't work
"Oh, it's not [that bad]. And really with the draw, [it] really makes it look bad. Because you get up the field and you have to be able to react to the draws and it's all part of it. You get so much push and penetration on the front and on the passer and that's the first thing that they trap and they draw and they screen you. And we have to be able to understand; we've got to be able to do it all. But if you're up field too quick and you don't read it - yeah, there's holes there. Now you've got to start moving and gaming and doing those things and that effects your rush. The best thing is to read your keys and we'll get better at that."

>> On why he started DT Marcus Bell
"Because he's been practicing all week. [DT Shaun] Cody's just kind of got back into the river."

>> On what he likes specifically about Bell
"He's been playing very well; he's been progressing and doing a very good job. He's light, he got his weight down; he moves very well. So I'm excited to see this tape. Now you look at the tape - the fundamentals, who's winning each snap."

>> On WR Mike Williams' catch
"Very nice, that was a nice catch."

>> On not seeing the fundamentals happen tonight
“No question. That was number one and each week we come out and fundamentals are everything for us. Our tackling was not very good; run offense, run defense is not what we want. That’s just base fundamentals and we have to go back and clean it up.”

>> On the play of James Hall and Cory Redding
“I thought they rushed extremely well. Once you start rushing well, then you have to be aware of draws and screens. They’ll use those to slow down the rush, so that’s something we have to make sure we’re on top of the whole time.”

>> On the tackling of the linebackers
“We tackle every week and every third day. You can’t play like that. It doesn’t matter where you play at, you have to pack your fundamentals, pack your discipline and we have to execute.”

>> On why the running game wasn’t effective tonight
“It’s just not getting the job done. You always give credit to your opponent - they did a nice job - but we’ve got to go out and execute what you do. If we want to be a physical running football team, you’ve got to be able to do that anywhere you go. Anywhere in the country that we play, we’ve got to hang our hat on our run offense and run defense.”

>> On the play of the quarterbacks
“I think it all works together, but as a football team we did not play well. There was no one particular position or person. As a team, I just didn’t think we functioned. We had a chance to win the game at the end; we kept ourselves in the game with some turnovers, but when you have to chance to get the jugular on somebody we’ve got to be able to do that. We’ve just got to play better.”

>> On getting the mistakes corrected before opening day
“You really can’t look at the preseason – you’ve got to win every snap. We didn’t do that. So you’ve got to come back and emphasize it and get to work next week.”

QB JON KITNA >> Opening statement
"We're going to be fine. That's a result of the first time playing a 3-4 team. This team is not used to playing a 3-4 team and it's just a totally different deal. We really didn't get to practice against it much this week and you really can't simulate it in practice; it's totally different than a two-gap team like that. I thought we ran the ball well last week and we're going to run the ball well all year and I'm not worried about it. Coach Martz is keeping things very, very simple and basic."

On the 45-yard pass to WR Roy Williams
"That was just a great call. It happened just like you said it was going to happen when he was talking about it this week; he was talking about the coverage, we got the coverage and it was wide open. So I'm looking forward to a bunch of easy ones just like that."

On the receiving ability of RB Kevin Jones
"I don't know any different. He and I had a talk the other day and I guess that's been an issue around here but he's caught the ball great all spring and all through camp."

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On WR Roy Williams
"Again, the perfect coverage for that play and it's what you're hoping to get when you call that play and I wish I could have been able to throw it a little more to get a touchdown in there."

>> On opening it up more
"I think Coach put as much into a preseason game as he's going to put into a preseason game today. I don't think this week's going to be any different than this game that we just finished. Maybe I'm wrong but he's made comments over and over that we're going to hold some things back and we're not just going to throw the whole book out there trying to win a game. You're still preparing for the season and he's got things that he wants to look at so I think that's the reason for what's been going on. I think we're going to be fine. I don't see any issues. We're going to get some guys back and be healthy and be ready to roll."

>> On preparing for the regular season
"He doesn't want you to be shocked on the first day of the regular season when you have that many plays to prepare for. The thing about it too is we have that many plays that we put in but we can call any play that we have and we certainly did that tonight. So it's going to be just fine."

>> On him being prepped mentally as though it's a real game but he doesn't choose as many different plays as he would in a real game
"Right. I mean, when you're changing personnel, you're changing quarterbacks; it's one thing if the same quarterback is in there all game. He's in a flow and you've got things that you've been working on all game and you just keep feeding off of those things. But when the next quarterback goes in or the next offensive line, the next running back, they're trying to see different people. It's not all about winning games. It's trying to see different people and see who's going to make this team."

>> Whether he feels good about where things are despite struggling tonight
"Yeah. It wasn't our best performance, there's no question about that. We can't hide from that. We didn't put our best performance out there on tape. I think we got shocked a little bit by their physical nature and playing a 3-4 team like I said. I really didn't prepare for that ... like in the division I came from, you see a lot of 3-4. It was just different and you have to play against it to understand it. So their foundation has been laid and we're going to be fine. This will be good for us; to have to go through a little bit of adversity is a good thing."

>> Whether it's a good time for a game like this
"As good a time as ever. You always want to come out and play great and all that stuff. It's a good thing for us in that it should focus us. Now we're breaking camp and refocusing. We'll have a full week of preparation for Oakland this week and it's going to be a long trip though. So you always have to prepare for those things now."


>> On why the team couldn’t score on the last drive
“It’s tough. When you get down there in the two minute drills, generally they’re playing off with a lot of corners coverage and ‘Cover 2’ and waiting for you to make a mistake. You try to find different plays and ways to get it in the endzone and we just came up short today. It’s a good lesson learned for us – for everybody in that last group that are going – being in the two minute situation, even for the team and everybody – it’s a great lesson learned on how to handle that situation. I know there are tons of things that I could have done better and we’ll go back and look at the tape, clean it up and fix it.”

>> On how much of the two minute offense that will be used in the regular season is installed now
“That’s up to Coach Martz on what he adds. I don’t know how much he’ll add, but it seems as though we have most of it in. I'm sure there will be little intricate things and different things that we put in from week-to-week according to the team that we’re playing. I would assume, just knowing Coach Martz and the volume that we have, that it will change from week-to-week. But right now we’ve got enough to work with, we just have to execute our plays better.”

>> On his situation within the three quarterbacks
“I just go out and play the play in front of me. That’s all I can do. The coaches will put the best guy on the field that they feel can best help us win games. As a player on the Detroit Lions, that’s what I’m in for – to win football games. I have to play as hard as I can, take care of me, and give them the best option that I can give them as a quarterback. If they choose me, then I need to help this team win. And if they don’t, then I’ll do whatever else I can on the sidelines to support Jon (Kitna) and help him. That’s the way I approach it and I haven’t even thought about did I have better stats than Dan (Orlovsky) or Jon. It’s not about that, it’s about being the best quarterback that you can be and giving them an option. That’s what all three of us do is compete as hard as we can against ourselves to be the best that we can be and that way it makes the whole group better.”


>> On the performance of the defense, particularly the first team
“It was up and down. We were able to get some balances here and make some plays in the running game early in the game. Even though we were able to force some turnovers, we gave up more than what we should have. We wanted to come in and be aggressive defensively, and just try to play fundamentally sound. They were able to make some plays and do some things – hats off to them – but there were a lot of plays that we should have made but we didn’t make.”

>> On if the Browns’ ability to run the ball against the defense was the main concern
“Yes, that’s the key because originally you want to stop the run and force them to throw the football. We have a strong front seven, that’s one of our strengths, if not the biggest, and our linebackers with the way they’re swarming, and even the safeties and the corners. We have to do a better job of stopping the run. They were able to bounce outside. Myself, I have to do a better job of keeping the ball inside, forcing it inside so the guys pursuing the ball can get to the ball. This was preseason, and you want to try and correct these mistakes before the first game comes. Even though we made some plays, still there were some plays that we left back there that we could have made.”

>> On the one good sign that the defense is getting turnovers
“We always feel that if you win the turnover battle, you’ll have a good chance to win the game. We started off the first series with the interception and we were able strip some footballs out and (Jamar) Fletcher got another interception that was big. Normally, if you’re going to make plays like that in Mike Martz’s system – he’ll make you pay. Even though it’s preseason, we have a lot of things that’s unfolded and things that we’re saving for the regular season. We still have to tip our hats off to Cleveland, they came out and executed for four quarters. No matter if it was the first or fourth, they were able to make some plays and come away with the win.”

>> On how good the defense is going to be during the regular season
“The defense is going to be real good. I really feel that when Shaun Rogers comes back – probably one of the most dominating guys in the game not only in his position, but on the defensive ball – he can control the tempo up front. That’s the key for us on both sides of the ball is to try and control the line of scrimmage and we’ll have to guys that can do that. Once we get Shaun back and get Boss (Bailey) back, we’ll be hitting on all cylinders. They’re two of our best guys on defense. I’d rather make the mistakes now in preseason versus making them during the regular season. You want to be perfect and execute and win, but we have to go back to film room and try to correct our mistakes and hopefully we can do that.”

DE CORY REDDING >> On the first team defense getting pressure on the quarterback
“We wanted to come out and establish ourselves, run around a little bit and pressure the quarterback. We knew from the gameplan that the quarterback (Charlie Frye) liked to flush to his right, our defensive left. So it was a big focus on that from the defensive front to apply pressure to him, force him outside and try to make the big plays on him.”

>> On Cleveland being able to run the ball against the defense being a concern
“They made their big shots and they have a good back and good lineman. We were poor on our half in over pursuing and not taking our time. But credit to them, they run the ball real hard.”

>> On his play seeming to have ‘turned up’ for this season
“For me speaking, I feel real good in this game. Everybody else in the defensive side of the ball feels the same. They’re giving us opportunities to cut us loose and make plays up front and that’s one thing a defensive front wants to do.”

>> On if he likes to play aggressively
“Well, myself and everybody else on the line likes to play aggressive. We want to attack upfield and make good plays and force the quarterback to make bad decisions so our linebackers and everybody in the secondary can make plays and take it to the house.”

Courtesy of the Lions