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Here is Hondo's inside the NFL blog

Here is the latest info from inside the NFL


  • I told you people that Randy Moss wanted out and I got so much email telling me how dumb I was. Well he finally admitted it. The bad part for the Raiders according to one NFL team executive is: “no one wanted Porter and no one will want Randy. That is a death sentence to your team. About the only place I could see it working is Indy because Tony wouldn’t take any crap and Peyton is the perfect QB and Randy has never had a QB he could maintain a relationship with. That said I believe he wants to be in Miami and I know Miami wants him so look for that to eventually be is team.”
  • The Jets are not happy with their 3-4 defensive alignment and the players are restless and frustrated. One source with the team told me: “they ain’t happy now that Donnie left. You all (Lions) got a good one and with Mangini trying to be Bill (Pats head coach) it just isn’t working.” OUCH!
  • I told you all summer that Vince Young had impressed so much the Titans brass that he would start early in the season. Last week when I reported that he was going to start last Sunday even head coach Jeff Fisher refuted my report (let’s applaud Spartan Nation) but did you notice that Young did start?Â
  • The Steelers are hearing what people VERY close to Cowher are saying (and I reported first) that he is done at the end of the season. They had contingency plans and he is on the staff already according to my source that is closely connected to the situation. This is the same source that allowed me to report long before it was known that Grimm was not the Lions choice.
  • Look for Cowher to take the Redskins job when Gibbs steps away at the end of the year. Oh did I not tell you? My source that is “SUPER CLOSE” to Gibbs told me: “he has not come out and said “I am done” but he is talking an preparing as if it is. I am 100% convinced he is done.” Now Redskin owner Dan Snyder promised his new offensive co-coordinator Saunders reportedly the gig if and when Gibbs left, but the source is very adamant that Cowher will be the number one choice.
  • People around the league are shocked that the Lions are 0-4. One executive who the Lions will play this season said: “get them healthy at LB and get them two news CB’s and some DE’s who can rush and that is a rolling 3-1 and maybe 4-0 team. I don’t blame the fans that have waited so long from being angry, but that is a hungry team. You watch the film and it hurts. Marinelli is never going to win it but he is clearly the coach of the year so far for changing a culture. I am not kidding, get them two new CB’s and get healthy at LB and some DE’s who can rush and this is a team.
  • Speaking of the Lions another executive who has a proven playoff track record said: “I am telling you Hondo, that team needs some DE’s that can rush and some CB’s but they are a much better team. Now that it is obvious what they have to address in the off-season, look out. They address that and this team is stout.” See people I am telling you. Don’t listen to media people that don’t watch film (I watch each game AT LEAST ten times) because there is too much in football to see it all at once.  Plus some people only report what is spoon fed from people that know nothing. I listen to proven winners, and those people love the direction this team is headed. They didn’t always but they do now!
  • Finally on the Lions and I will move on, people around the league are noticing that the issues with the Lions are defense and that is because so much was invested in the offense that was atrocious. That will be fixed and the Lions will be back in the playoffs next year. There are several key free agents (according to someone who is a very high profile agent) on the defensive side that would have never considered the Lions for any amount of money before (and this agent knows that in the past some of his clients wouldn’t even think Detroit) that would love to play for Sarge.Â
  • People around the Ravens are shocked at how much McNair is helping off the field Baltimore. “This is Ray’s team, but he soothes Ray and he is great to the vets and rooks” according to someone on the team.
  • Tom Coughlin has all but lost the locker room and the bad thing is that guys, who have supported him even if they didn’t like all his crap, are sick of it. That is going to get dirty and according to my NYG source, “I can’t see him back next season.”
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