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Memo to the Olympics... ZZZZZ….ZZZZZ….ZZZZZ…..ZZZZZ

As you know, or looking at your actions maybe you don’t know, the Olympics is going on in Torino, Italy! The problem that is plaguing the Olympics is the same problem that they have in the NBA only worse. To be blunt, the NBA has spent too much time trying to market stars rather then teams. Thus, when a big time player changes teams the folks simply switch allegiance.

Look at college sports or pro football. People may like individuals, but college and the NFL promote teams. NBC and the Olympics only market a month before the Olympics and when they do, it is individuals. When those people suck or don’t get gold, people could care less. If they want an American public, (and trust me the world wants the US dollar) then they need to show these sports more then once a year and stop marketing individuals.

NHL players have blurred the lines now so that even a great game that folks once loved on the Olympics now makes us yawn as Khazika plays Slovalanicka? Who you ask? Exactly.

Yes, folks are tuning out the Olympics, but it isn’t the folk’s fault, it is the brain surgeons in Olympic marketing.

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I root for America, make the Olympics back to that, and maybe folks will watch. Until it is the amateur games that they happened to be in Greece, then America won’t care.

Hello folks!

Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation.

  • Spartan Nation favorite, pitcher Mark Mulder of the Cardinals, is looking to a BIG payday this November when he becomes a free agent. He is telling anyone who asks to talk to his agent.
  • On Saturday, the MSU UM basketball game is huge. Not only for UM, it is now bigger for MSU. This game will impact in state recruiting for years.
  • MSU needs Mo Ager to play like the senior he is. If Ager doesn’t show up, then it will be a long day on Saturday.
  • All indication from the Lions when I have spoken to them is that they want Joey, or at best have not decided against him. That being said, they have not as of yet asked him to renegotiate his contract, which is necessary for him to stay in Mo-town!
  • MSU hockey is facing a huge series with the Miami of Ohio this weekend, and they need to make a statement. I think they will. I think that MSU will at least split, which is a good weekend, but anything better then a split is just candy.
  • Lindsay Bowen and Liz Shimek both had their last game at Breslin last night. Props to those two young ladies for all that they have done.
  • One thing that the soft members of the Detroit Lions need to remember is that there is a new sheriff and come training camp, these men are going to hit.
  • Tonight on Hondo’s House I got Tommy Amaker the head coach of the University of Michigan. Obviously I am a State fan, but he sure is a fine man, and I think Spartans and Wolverines will enjoy tonight!
  • On Monday’s Hondo’s House I’ve got Sylvester Croom, head coach of Mississippi State University. One of the finest men in the nation and a true role model for all men.
  • Lastly, next Friday on Hondo’s House I have Dave Dombrowski the GM of the Tigers. I can assure you that we will have a ton of great info with him.

Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them!