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Hello folks!

Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation.

  • I was at the Lions presser today and came away very impressed with both new coordinators. I had spoken to a Jets player who told me that the defense was so aggressive in practice that they had to call them off in scrimmages. I asked Coach Henderson if he expected that same level of practice here. First he wanted to know who I talked to and after a laugh, he admitted that it was true and said that we would see the same intensity that they had. I like that.
  • Coach Martz was frank and honest as always. I told you previously that I liked him and a player that I had talked to told me the problems in St. Louis were not him but management. He also was very open that he liked Joey in college, but he will play who is the best. He also told me that we will have a competition for the job and he thinks that is good. Joey should be glad to have him, but nervous that he better produce, because Martz is having a 16 week job interview and will not hesitate to pull the trigger.
  • I talked to a Vikings player recently and he said that the mood among the team is that Daunte Culpepper is done in Minnesota. He said that the players have heard that the Ravens would like to swap Jamal Lewis for Daunte, and that the Vikings are not against it.
  • The Darko Milicic trade was an end of an era, but a great move of making lemonade out of lemons by Lions GM Joe Dumars. Sure we spent a lot of money but this trade does not say he is a failure, it is too early to tell. He is 20 and like Jermaine O’Neal, he didn’t get minutes. He will now and the Pistons get a chance at a good #1 pick on from a bad team. This also give Detroit the cap room to re-sign Big Ben and Cha Bill!
  • Mike Davis steps down at Indiana.  I have always liked him and supported him but he goes out a bad way, I am not a fan of this…Pathetic!
  • It was nice that the Arrow, Dave Spencer actually took time out of his world-traveling schedule to write another day in his blog. At this rate, maybe 5 times a year will be a real plus.
  • Unlike the Arrow, even though he was ripping it, I have too much respect for you to waste any time on the Olympics. Tomorrow I will tell you how to fix the Olympics.

Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them!

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