Hondo’s Exclusive Interview (Transcript) with New Lions MLB Jordon Dizon

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Hondo: I just asked IAF what he thought when we got another Hawaiian, what’s it like being here, I know you got a lot of Hawaiian’s around you, you got Dom, all the guys. Just talk about how you’re settling in?

Dizon: As far as having Hawaiian’s around, it makes it a little bit easier because they went through the same things that I’m going to have to go through and there from the same place I’ve been so if they made it then I can make it and as far as being a rookie, I am going through my learning curve right now, they put in 10 defenses yesterday so I’m struggling with that a little bit. But you know, I’m going through the same trials and turbulations that everyone went through as a rookie, I’m just going out there and trying to run fast.

Hondo: Some of the guys were complaining about the heat today, I mean, it’s 55 degrees and you are from Hawaii, are you liking playing in this weather?

Dizon: I play Colorado the last 4 years and the thing about Colorado is that we do not have a bubble, we practice outside, we play outside, we do everything outside. So this is perfect to me.

Hondo: Talk about your lateral speed, I just asked Marinelli, one thing Jordan, tape’s tape, but watching you in person, your lateral foot speed and technique is phenomenal, does that go back, did you learn that at Colorado or did you have that in high school?

Dizon: I don’t know probably got in from my parents somewhere down the road but it’s straight forward, north and south, I suck. I ran four or five something which is not blazing, but it’s ok. But side to side that’s where I think I fundamentally sound and that’s where I can get my feet going. It’s not necessarily that I’m fast. I just want to get there, I have the need to get there. When I have that going for me, I have to move my feet fast, and you know I’m just a hard worker overall and I want to get there, so that’s what mainly gets me there.

Hondo: Talk about today they had you running with the one’s, I mean for a rookie in a Marinelli system to get some runs, that says something about what they think about you, they didn’t bring you in here to sit the bench.

Dizon: No, they don’t bring anyone in to sit the bench, they bring everyone in to teach them, to learn the system and they accell at the system, as far as that goes, they want to put me in there to run certain plays, to see what I can do and from there, they do whatever they have to do but they’re just putting me in situations to see how I handle it and from there, we’ll go from there. Other than that, they’re just being coaches and I’m being a player and they’re seeing what they can do with me.

Hondo: In the tampa two, there’s, for the middle linebacker, you have such a huge play-book, so much information, now one of the things that they impressed you with the draft is your intelligence. Do you look at the thing and think it’s only a couple of weeks, how am I going to learn all of this?

Dizon: You do, it’s a 300 page playbook and you look at and you go, holy jesus, but in the end, every defense is it’s own defense, if you separate everything it will make it a lot easier. The veterans have been helping me out tremendously and they’ve been telling me slow down, it will come to you, don’t mix and match defenses, one defense is it’s own defense and you know that’s been helping me big time. They have been teaching me to slow down and you know, think about what I’m doing. They’ve been tremendously helpful to me.

Hondo: And for you personally, you talked about one of the things that impressed me at your draft press conference, how much fun football is. Now you are at a new place, it’s a job now, but is it still fun?

Dizon: Oh yeah, it’s the best job in the world. I come out here and I get to run around for two hours and I can’t complain, this is, this is the life I’ve dreamt since 4th grade and this is the dream I’ve always had. This is just awesome to me, just a dream come true.

Hondo: In high school and at Colorado, you were the star, so you looked around you and there wasn’t always stars around you at every position. This is the NFL, those other ten guys are stars now and the other 11 across the ball. What’s that like playing , knowing that, man I’m on the field with all great athletes?

Dizon: It makes it that much more fun, the thing that I like about it is competitive. Everyone is trying to be the best and when that goes on, you become a better player, the team becomes a better team, and I respect that and I enjoy that so much that everyone out here is trying to get better and it’s just amazing to see how it works.Â

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