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Ignorance, Stupidity and Shameful Disrespect for Slavery Made Adrian Peterson my "Loser" of the Week


Adrian Peterson compares NFL to slavery, slapping those who endured real racism in the face.

Adrian Peterson compares NFL to slavery, slapping those who endured real racism in the face.


As a proud American, who happens to be black I can't sit still and and let one of my own make such ridiculous and ignorant comments as Adrian Peterson did this week.

It seems this is the week for professional ball players to say something inappropriate. Recently we had Adrian Peterson firmly placing his cleats in his mouth. Mr. Peterson compared his professional sports job to slavery. Well Adrian, I beg to differ. I will now contrast slavery to your present state in the NFL. Forgive me if I expose how little you must know about African American History. Its not personal, its just the facts.

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The slavery that I recall my great grandmother talking about involved people being kidnapped and put to work for free. You prepared all your life to play football. In fact, you begged your owner for the job. Unlike slavery, if you don't like the way your owner treats you, you can just QUIT. I was not present but I will bet the mortgage that not one slave quit his job on the plantation. Adrian, you have collective bargaining rights. Again, slaves did not have any rights. If you ran away from the Vikings, I doubt anybody would come looking for you on horseback.

Now let us talk about after slavery was abolished. Former slaves could not leave the plantation. Heck, most of them did not even know that slavery had been abolished for about two years afterwards. Unlike Adrian Peterson, they did not have a Blackberry to check every ten minutes. No email came. Once the found out, they still could not leave because they had no where to go. 

The NFL is not even close to slavery. Its not even Jim Crow era.

One of the things I do not need professional athletes to do is talk. If Adrian Peterson was supposed to be talking, he would be the leader of the players association. When ever these guys start to talk, turn down your radio or television. That is why they have to hire agents and player representatives to speak for them.

We need more men like Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, and David Robinson for our young people to emulate. We do not need any more like Allen Iverson, Latrelle Sprewell or any of these other guys who think they invented pro sports. Adrian Peterson is standing on the shoulders of great ones that came before him like James Harris and Jim Brown. Men who broke the color barrier and suffered for it. What has Adrian Peterson done for anybody lately?