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Jason Giambi Should Be Punished for Steroid Use

On July 13th, Jason Giambi met with former Senator George Mitchell and spoke about cooperating with the steroids investigation. Bud Selig, the Commissioner of the Major Leagues stated before Giambi met with Mitchell that he would take, “Giambi’s level of cooperation into account in determining appropriate further action.” When you read this statement, you feel that Giambi will receive at least some sort of punishment for using steroids. Well, that’s not the case.

Selig announced last week that Giambi would not be punished for his use of steroids because, “He’s doing a lot of public-service work, and I think that’s terribly important. I think it’s more important for us to keep getting the message out.” Hold on a second please…he’s not being punished because he’s doing a lot of public-service work? Here’s the part that gets me though, Giambi says that he was already involved in most of the charity work in question before any of this happened.

Here’s another problem with Giambi not being punished for using steroids, it gives other people the idea that it’s ok…as long as they do a “lot of public-service work.” It just frustrates me so much that another person gets off the hook for something the MLB is trying so hard to ban and put up a fight to get out of baseball. This isn’t helping it, Selig. I have news for you! I just hate what steroids are doing to America’s favorite pastime.

I guess what I’m getting at is if you’re going to set rules for using steroids, then stick to them. Don’t occasionally use them. It has to be ALL the time! Rules are rules. He should get special treatment because he’s doing charity work? What about those athletes that don’t break the rules and do charity work anyways? Think about that one.

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