Kevin Thomas takes a Shot as a Guest Author at UM

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Well, the M Rod contract debacle has come and past with an interesting but predictable ending. The big winner is WVU, since they received the full four million dollar payout, which ironically, is the amount that they will pay new coach Bill Stewart over the length of his contract, which is $800,000 over five years plus incentives. We can hear the high fives being slapped all over Mountaineer country.



The big loser is UM as usual, not only did they find themselves in this mess, but they decided to fork over 2.5 million dollars (to supplement the actual 1.5 million dollars M Rod must pay from his own pocket) after the WVU lawyers decided they wanted to draw Bill Martin and Mary Sue Coleman into this mess. Apparently Martin was ready to keep this continual distraction going, and it took Coleman herself to decide enough was enough and fork over the money. The silly thing was, M Rod never had a legal leg to stand on other than to draw this situation out and attempt to garner public sympathy, which by the way, he failed miserably to do with both UM and WVU fans.



By the way, anyone check out the new UM uniforms? UM has switched sponsors from Nike to Adidas and out is the traditional uniform, and in is the racing stripes on the road uniforms and the diamond logo on the chest. You know, M Rod complained about the speed on the team when he got here, but I don’t think the WVU racing stripes will help. To offset the criticism of the traditionalists, the Bo Schembechler phrase, “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions” has been sowed on an inner part of the jersey. Good grief, Bo is turning over in his grave. It should have said, “Those Who Stay Will Look Like They Play For West Virginia—Yee-Haw!”



M Rod hasn’t garnered much sympathy from the rest of the state either. He didn’t show up at an UM alumni function in Flint where Lloyd Carr made regular appearances. Apparently, M Rod had a previous commitment, but that won’t sit well with Flint alumni. His well-chronicled profane-lace practice tirades won’t sit well with UM people either, well, at least those who claim a higher standard for Michigan, which by the way, is most of them. We could almost inject some Adam Sandler humor here, “Mama said if you swear that much you don’t know what you are talking about.” Hey, I was always taught that if you have to swear constantly to make a point, maybe you should improve your argument. All coaches cut loose with the occasional profanity, but if what they are saying is true, that really is pathetic.

  Apparently, M Rod and his staff have bypassed high school football coaches and players in the State of Michigan in an attempt to garner more speed as well. UM has been making some serious inroads with in Florida, a state he recruited well for WVU. In all fairness, this is a state MSU needs to do better in, lest we forget the incredible talent MSU garnered their in players like Sed Irvin, Lorenzo White, Amp Campbell, and others. Still, at least Dantonio realizes there are players in this State that will help his team, and high school coaches and players in Michigan should relax, after all, what student wants to head to UM anyway and be called, “a no good #$&*#$ piece of %$#*” while trying to learn the game of football. Not me. Football is more than a game; it is about life lessons and learning values and teamwork. Maybe Justin Boren was right; things have changed in Ann Arbor.